About the Operational Directorate Communicable & Infectious Diseases

The operational directorate Communicable and Infectious Diseases (OD CID) represents the final stage of the merger between the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (IHE) and the Pasteur Institute of Brabant (IPB). It is composed of former sections of Mycology, Virology and Bacteriology 1 of the Microbiology Department of the Scientific Institute of Public Health (IPH), as well as all the entire unit of laboratories of the Department Institut Pasteur (Bacteriology 2, Rabies & Parasitology, Immunology and TB & Mycobacteriology). Following the Microbiology merger of the Jenner Project (BPR) and along its operational plan, these sections are reorganized in the form of five scientific entities: Bacterial Diseases, Viral Diseases, Foodborne Pathogens, Mycology & Aerobiology and Immunology.


The OD CID is responsible for the detection, early and rapid identification, and microbiological monitoring of existing and (re-)emerging communicable and infectious agents, and for the prevention and treatment of these diseases.



The OD CID is a Centre of Excellence. It has a vital part in the Belgian, European and international network of surveillance, as well as reference laboratories and centres of expertise for infectious diseases and food safety.

Through its actions and expertise, the OD CID reliably inform policymakers and the public about new developments in public health, safety of the food chain, food & environment.



The OD CID is one of the four operational directions of the Scientific Institute of Public Health (IPH)

The OD CID activities are located on two sites.
Ixelles/Elsene : Rue Juliette Wytsmanstraat 14, 1050 Brussels 
Uccle/Ukkel : Rue Engelandstraat 642, 1180 Brussels

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