About the Operational Directorate Communicable & Infectious Diseases

The operational direction Communicable and Infectious Diseases (OD CID) comprises five scientific entities: Bacterial Diseases, Viral Diseases, Foodborne Pathogens, Mycology & Aerobiology and Immunology.


The OD CID is responsible for the detection, early and rapid identification, and microbiological monitoring of existing and (re-)emerging communicable and infectious agents, and for their prevention and treatment.



The OD CID is a Center of Excellence. It plays a key role in the Belgian, European and international laboratory network of surveillance, as well as reference laboratories and centers of expertise for infectious diseases and food safety. Through its actions and expertise, the OD CID reliably inform policymakers and the publ about new developments in public health, safety of the food chain, food & environment.


 Organisation chart: 
The activities of the OD CID are localised in two sites which are implemented in :
Ixelles / Elsene: Juliette Wytsman St. 14, 1050 Brussels
Uccle / Ukkel: Engeland St. 642, 1180 Brussels

The OD CID is one of the four operational directions of the Scientific Institute of Public Health (IPH)

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