Belgian Food Consumption Survey - Interactive Analysis


The Belgian Food Consumption Survey (BFCS) is a project coordinated by the Scientific Institute of Public Health, Unit of Epidemiology.

A Food Consumption Survey was organised for the first time in Belgium in 2004. The two main objectives of the survey are to monitor the nutritional adequacy of the food and nutrient consumption in Belgium and to monitor food safety aspects of the food consumption in Belgium. Information on food intake was collected using two non-consecutive 24h recalls in combination with a self-administered food frequency questionnaire. Additional data on sociodemographic and lifestyle characteristics were obtained with a face-to-face questionnaire. Moreover information regarding food safety was recorded at the level of the household; the self-administered questionnaire was answered by the person in the household responsible for cooking, which is not necessarily the same person that answered the individual questionnaires.

The purpose of this web-based application is to enhance the accessibility of these data for a broad range of the potential users. The application is interactive. Pre-defined procedures accessible through menus make it very user-friendly, as it does not require any preliminary knowledge of the statistical package (the topic "How to use" contains important instructions). The application only covers the information coming from the questionnaires, but in the future it will also include the information from the 24h recalls. Until then, the corresponding tables from the report are given as output.

You are free to use the results produced by this application on the sole condition that the source is mentionned (see "Acknowledgement" in the "How to use" submenu).

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