Archives of Public Health - 2010 - vol. 68

Supplement 2
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52 Have 3-day and 7-day food diary protocols comparable outcomes? Longitudinal data on Flemish adolescent sprint athletes
Aerenhouts D, Deriemaeker P, Hebbelinck M, Clarys P
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Centile values and charts for lipids and glucose in Bolivian adolescents

Baya Botti A, Perez Cueto FJA, Van Acker K, Kolsteren PW
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Fat and fatty acids (PUFA, MUSFA, SAFA) intake and metabolic syndrome in Bolivian adolescents

Baya Botti A, Wubayehu T, Perez Cueto FJA, Verbeke W, Kolsteren PW
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Serum lowers anabolic processing of highly unsaturated fatty acids and conversely favours their catabolic retroconversion in differentiated caco-2 cells

Beguin P, Schneider A-C, Mignolet E, Larondelle Y, Schneider Y-J
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Determination of bioactive compounds in leek (Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum)

Bernaert N, Van Droogenbroek B, Van Bockstaele E, Stewart D, De Loose M
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Efficient accumulation of PCBs in primary cultures of rat adipocytes: a tool to study the toxicokinetics of persistent organic pollutants

Bourez S, Louis C, Remacle C, Schneider YJ, Larondelle Y, Debier C
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BRAFO – Risk Benefit Analysis of Foods

Chiodini A, Vidry S
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Towards determining and re-establishing the ancestral level of intake of phytanic acid in man

De Keyser LJ
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Inulin-type fructans with prebiotic properties counteract GPR43 overexpression and PPARγ-related adipogenesis
in the white adipose tissue of high-fat fed mice

Dewulf EM, Cani PD, Neyrinck AM, Possemiers S, Van Holle A, Muccioli GG, Deldicque L, Bindels LB, Pachikian BD, Sohet FM, Mignolet E, Francaux M, Larondelle Y, Delzenne NM
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Stability of omega-3 fatty acids in eggs after storage and cooking

Douny C, El Khoury R, Degand G, Brose F, Maghuin-Rogister G, Scippo ML
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63 Phthalate contamination in the milk chain

Fierens T, Sioen I, De Henauw S, Van Holderbeke M, Geerts L, Willems H, Servaes K
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64 Conjugated linoleic acid and conjugated linolenic acid production by bifidobacteria

Gorissen L, Leroy F, Raes K, De Vuyst L, De Smet S
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Seasonal variation of energy and vitamin A consumption from non-staple food in Bangladesh

Islam GMR, Alam MJ, Buysse J
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Plant and animal protein intake and its association with overweight and obesity among the Belgian population

Lin Y, Bolca S, Vandevijvere S, De Vriese S, De Neve M, Polet A, De Backer G, De Henauw S, Huybrechts I
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Fibre intake and its association with overweight and obesity among the Belgian population

Lin Y1, Huybrechts I, Vandevijvere S, Bolca S, De Neve M, Polet A, De Vriese S, De Backer G, De Henauw S
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EURRECA: Development of tools to improve the alignment of micronutrient recommendations

Matthys C, Bucchini L, Busstra MC, Cavelaars AEJM, Eleftheriou P, Garcıa-Alvarez A, Fairweather-Tait S, Gurinović M, van Ommen B, Contor L
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69 The correlation between chronic psychosocial stress and body fatness in children between 6 and 10 years old

Michels N
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Study of the oxidative stability of flax seed oil in the presence of natural phenolic compounds

Michotte D, Chirinos R, Rogez H, Mignolet E, Larondelle Y
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The role of palm oil in traditional meals of Cameroon: its implication for health

Njoh DB
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Methodological issues in the assessment of physical activity among adolescents

Ottevaere C, Huybrechts I, De Henauw S
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Cultivation of caco-2 cells in a serum-free medium allows an extensive biotransformation of c18 polyunsaturated fatty acids

Schneider A-C, Beguin P, Bourez S, Mignolet E, Schneider Y-J, Larondelle Y
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75 The use of omega-3 fatty acid supplements and omega-3 fortified foods in Flemish women

Sioen I, Devroe J, Inghels D, Terwecoren R, De Henauw
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77 Effect of amidated pectine alone and in combination with cholestyramine on the expression of LDLr gene in rats fed a cholesterol-containing diet

Skrivanova E, Marounek M, Volek Z, Molatova Z
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Modification of lipid metabolism following high-fat feeding supplemented with thermo-oxidized oil occurs
independently of the peroxide level of the diet

Sohet FM, Neyrinck AM, Druart C, De Backer FC, Pachikian BD, Bindels LB, Dewulf EM, Niklowitz P, Menke T, Cani PD, Delzenne NM
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79 Detection of dimeric phytosterols formed during thermo-oxidation by RP-HPLC-MS

Struijs K, Lampi A-M, Ollilainen V, Piironen V
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80 Effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the maternal diet on the oxidative status of piglets

Tanghe S, Missotten J, Claeys E, Raes K, De Smet S
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The role of chronic stress on body composition and micronutrient-status among children. Use of hair as a diagnostic tool

Vanaelst B
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82 Effect of the residual headspace oxygen concentration on the oxidation of bulk rapeseed oil

Van Bree I
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Phthalate levels in food on the Belgian market

Van Holderbeke M, Servaes K, Geerts L, Vanermen G, Fierens T, Sioen I
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84 Effect of dietary incorporation of n-3 fatty acid enriched pork meat on the fatty acid profile, oxidative status,
blood lipids and atherosclerosis in the rabbit as experimental model

Vossen E, Raes K, Maertens L, Vandenberge V, Haak L, Chiers K, Ducatelle R, De Smet S
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Interaction between diet and genetical predisposition on the fatty acid profile in healthy children and adolescents

Vyncke K
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