Archives of Public Health - 2010 - vol. 68

Supplement 1
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1 General Information
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Background, study aims and work packages

De Boer EJ
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Overview of dietary validation studies in relation to the 24-hour recall

Welch Ailsa A
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Towards a standardised computerized 24-hour dietary recall methodology for use in and for bridging international nutritional studies: The web-based EPIC-soft Methodological Platform

Slimani N, Freisling H, Casagrande C, Deharveng G, Huybrechts I, Ocké M, De Boer E
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Validity of a standardized two-day 24-h recall for comparisons of nutrient and food intakes between five
European countries: Results from the European Food Consumption Validation (EFCOVAL)

Crispim SP, de Vries JHM, Geelen A, Souverein O, Hulshof PJM, Lillegaard IT, Andersern LF, Lafay L, Rousseau AS, Huybrechts I, de Henauw S, Dofkova M, Ruprich J, Ocke MC, Slimani N, van’t Veer P
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Modeling long-term intake using short-term measurements: a unified framework

Dodd KW
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An improved statistical tool for estimating usual intake distributions: the Multiple Source Method (MSM)

Haubrock J, Harttig U, Souverein O, Boeing H
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Can EPIC-SOFT contribute to the enhancement of dietary exposure assessments in the EU?

Leclercq C, Le Donne C
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Feasibility and validity of the suggested method for a trans-European dietary assessment method among children

Trolle E, Amiano P, Ege M, Bower E, Rothausen BW, Lioret S, Brants H, Kaic-Rak A, de Boer E, Andersen LF
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The Dutch National Food Consumption Surveys

Ocké MC, Van Rossum CTM, De Boer E
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22 Dutch National Food Consumption Survey – Young Children 2005/2006

Van Rossum CTM, De Boer E, Ocké MC
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24 Czech National Food Consumption Survey Method and Application of Results

Dofkova M, Ruprich J, Jakubikova M, Rehurkova I, Blahova J
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Czech National Food Consumption Survey Data Usage in Real Practice

Ruprich J, Rehurkova I, Dofkova M, Jakubikova M, Blahova J
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Establishing a common Nordic monitoring system on diet

Fagt S, Trolle E on behalf of the Nordic Monitoring group
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Dietary supplement use in the Netherlands. Current data and recommendations for future assessment

Ocké MC, Buurma-Rethans EJM, Fransen HP
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The use of omega-3 fatty acid supplements and omega-3 fortified foods in Flemish women

Sioen I, Devroe J, Inghels D, Terwecoren R, De Henauw S
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31 Testing of participation rate in a national dietary survey using 24-hour recalls by telephone

Løken EB, Totland TH, Fredriksen JF
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Evaluation of dietary intake methods in low income population based on literature data

Vucic V, Novakovic R, Ristic-Medic D, Ngo J, Glibetic M, Gurinovic M
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The minimum cost of a healthy diet. Is the minimum wage enough?

Madeira AT, Estrela C, Fernandes J, Guiomar S
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Minimal cost of a healthy diet in elderly

Peixoto C, Guerra F, Canhoto N, Baptista S, Guiomar S
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EXPOCHI “Individual food consumption data and exposure assessment studies for children”
Rationale, methods and design

Huybrechts I, Sioen I, De Neve M, De Henauw S, on behalf of the EXPOCHI Consortium and EFSA
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37 EXPOCHI “Individual food consumption data and exposure assessment studies for children”
Food categorisation methods

De Neve M, Sioen I, Huybrechts I, De Henauw S, on behalf of the EXPOCHI Consortium and EFSA
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39 Evidence-based tools for Dietary Intake assessment methods: the EURRECA approach

Serra Majem L, Ribas Barba L, Ngo de la Cruz J, Roman Viñas B, García Álvarez A, Ortiz-Andellucchi A, Henríquez P, EURRECA Network
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Statistical Program for Analysis of Dietary Exposure

Dekkers ALM, Ocké MC, Slob W
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41 An efficient method for back-transformation of usual intakes in dietary exposure assessment

Dekkers ALM, Ocké MC, Verkaik-Kloosterman J
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42 Web-based program package for estimating usually dietary intake using the Multiple Source Method (MSM)

Harttig U, Haubrock J, Meidtner K, Boeing H
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Salt reduction, what about the iodine intake? A combined deterministic and probabilistic simulation model

Verkaik-Kloosterman J, Jansen-van der Vliet M, Brants HAM, Wilson-van den Hooven C, Ocké MC
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45 Validation of an FFQ to estimate intake of protein, potassium, PUFA, fish, vegetables, and fruits, using intake biomarkers and a duplicate 24-hour dietary recall

Geelen A, van’t Veer P, Souverein O, Meijboom S, Hulshof PJM, de Vries JHM
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Relative validity of repeated 24h recalls using EPIC-SOFT for estimating nutrient intakes among the Belgian population

De Keyzer W, Huybrechts I, De Henauw S
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48 Validation of energy intake estimated from food frequency questionnaire and 24-hour recall against Double Labeled Water

Pereira RA, Yokoo EM, Sichieri R, Moura AS, Hoffman D, Ferrioli E, Lopes TS
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Relative validity of a simple food frequency. Questionnaire answered by parents to assess children’s food intake

Kristjansdottir AG, Johannsson E, Thorsdottir I
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Validation of a semi-quantitative food-frequency questionnaire used among 2-year-old Norwegian children

Kristiansen AL, Slettahjell HB, Andersen LF
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