Archives of Public Health - 2009 - vol. 67

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Can we take the next step now?
Health status and behaviour of adolescents, a pre-congres meeting of the HELENA-project (HEalthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence)


Matthys C, De Henauw S, Moreno L, on behalf of the HELENA Study group
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HELENA Study design, methodology and quality assurance


Moreno LA, Gottrand F
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Adolescents' health from a public health perspective
What can we learn from HELENA?


De Henauw S
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Dietary patterns in European adolescents


Mathilde Kersting, Wolfgang Sichert-Hellert
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Physical activity levels and patterns among the adolescents in HELENA
The need to understand different measurement modalities


Sjöström M
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Physical Fitness Assessment at Adolescent Age


Castillo MJ
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Stress and obesity in European adolescents


De Vriendt T, Moreno LA, Manios Y, Molnár D, Sjöström M, Widhalm K, De Henauw S
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Body composition and obesity in European adolescents


Molnár D, Moreno L, Nagy E, the HELENA Group
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Epidemiology of cardiovascular risk factors in adolescents


Manios Y
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16 The place of low-grade inflammatory markers among traditional metabolic risk factors in adolescents
The HELENA study

Warnberg J, Romeo J, Gómez-Martínez S, Díaz LE, Nova E, Veses A, Widhalm K, Marcos A, the HELENA study group
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17 Genetic markers of obesity and its metabolic complications in adolescents

Bokor S, Meirhaeghe A, Fievet N, Goumidi L, Dallongeville J, the HELENA Study Group
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Comparison of physical activity pattern obtained by uni- or triaxial accelerometers


Vanhelst J, Béghin L, Bergman P, Sjöström M, Gottrand F
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Evaluation of Risk Factors and Metabolic Complications Associated with Obesity in Adolescents Girls
in Yaounde VI ( Cameroon)


Ngo Song MC, Dakam W, Oben EJ
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Physical activity and nutrition status of adolescents


Bijelović S, Balać D, Novaković B, Trajković-Pavlović LJ, Lozanov-Crvenković Z
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A school-based physical activity program increases fitness and decreases adiposity and cardiovascular risk factors in primary school children (KISS): a cluster-randomized trial [ISRCTN15360785]


Kriemler S, Zahner L, Schindler Ch, Meyer U, Hebestreit H, Brunner-La Rocca HP, van Mechelen W, Puder JJ
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Association between objectively assessed physical activity and body fat in adolescents
The HELENA Study


Moliner-Urdiales D, Ruiz JR, Ortega FB, Rey-Lopez JP, Vicente-Rodriguez G, España V, Munguía-Izquierdo V, Castillo MJ, Sjöström M, Moreno LA, the HELENA Study Group
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23 Assessing flexibility in adolescents: what does back-saver sit-and-reach test actually measure?

Chillón P, Castro-Piñero J, Ruiz JR, Soto VM, Carbonell A, Dafos J, Vicente-Rodríguez G, Castillo MJ, Ortega FB
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Weight control behaviors among Overweight, Normal weight and Underweight adolescents in Palestine: Findings from the National Study of Palestinian Schoolchildren (HBSC-WBG2004)


Al Sabbah H, Vereecken C, Abdeen Z, Colette K, Ojala K, Németh A, Ahluwalia N, Maes L
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Bone Mass and Bone Markers in Spanish adolescents


Gracia-Marco L, Vicente-Rodríguez G, Valtueña J, Rey-López JP, Díaz Martínez AE, Mesana MI, Widhalm K, Ruiz JR, González-Gross M, Castillo MJ, Moreno LA
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The standing long jump test : a general index of muscular strength in youth


Castro-Piñero J, Ortega FB, Artero EG, Girela-Rejón MJ, Mora J, González-Montesisnos JL, Sjöström J, Ruiz JR
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Serum levels of appetite-controlling hormones after a multidisciplinary obesity treatment programme in adolescents
Preliminary results from the EVASYON study


Romeo J, Warnberg J, Gomez-Martínez S, Puertollano MA, Zapatera B, Díaz LE, Garagorri JM, Martí A, Campoy C, Redondo C, Marcos A
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28 The Metabolic Syndrome in Bolivian Adolescents

Baya Botti A, Pérez-Cueto F, Vasquez Monllor P, Kolsteren P
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29 Nutritional status and dietary patterns of a nationally representative sample of attending school Bolivian

Khatiwada D, Baya Botti A, Perez-Cueto F, Verbeke W, Vasquez Monllor P, Kolsteren P
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Assessing health-related physical fitness in the school setting: reliability, feasibility and safety
The ALPHA study


España- Romero V, Cuenca-García M, Jiménez-Pavón D, Artero EG, Ortega FB, Castro-Piñero J, Sjöström M, Castillo MJ, Ruiz JR
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32 Gender difference in prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in obese adolescents

Mattos ABM, Andersen ML, Inoue DS, de Piano A, Carnier J, Silva PL, Sanches PL, Correa FA, Munhoz R, Tock, L, Mello MT, Dâmaso, AR, Tufik S
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Folate and vitamin B 12 status in European adolescents: associations with gender, age, and maturity


Al-Tahan J, Albers U, Valtuena J, Spinneker A, Breidenassel C, Azzini E, Diaz LE, Marcos A, Gottrand F, Kunert J, Manios Y, Pietrzik K, Stehle P, González-Gross M, the HELENA study group
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Early programming of abdominal adiposity in adolescents
The HELENA study


Labayen I, Ruiz JR, Vicente-Rodríguez G, Turck D, Rodríguez G, Meirhaeghe A, Molnár D, Sjöström M, Castillo M, Gottrand F, Moreno LA
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35 Serum lipid and lipoprotein status is more influenced by biological than chronological age in European Adolescents

Spinneker A, González-Gross M, Breidenassel C, Al-Tahan J, Stoffel-Wagner B, Gómez-Martínez S, Venneria E, Castillo M, Béghin L, Stehle P, the HELENA Study group
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Fitness and fatness are independently associated with markers of insulin resistance in European adolescents
The HELENA Study


Jiménez-Pavón D, Castillo MJ, Reilly JJ, Kafatos A, Manios Y, Kondaki K, Béghin L, Zaccaria M, Spinneker A,Valtueña J, De Henauw S, Widhalm K, Molnár D, Sjöström M, Moreno LA, González-Gross M, Ruiz JR, the HELENA Study group
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37 Breastfeeding and physical fitness in adolescence
The HELENA Study

Artero EG, Ortega FB, España-Romero, Labayen I, Huybrechts I, Papadaki A, Rodriguez G, Mauro B, Widhalm K, Kersting M, Breidenassel C, Manios Y, Molnar D, Moreno LA, Sjöström M, Gottrand F, Castillo MJ, De Henauw S
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Breastfeeding modulates the PPARG Pro12Ala polymorphism’s influence on BMI of adolescents
The HELENA-Cross Sectional Study


Verier C, Meirhaeghe A, Bokor S, Breidenassel C, Manios Y, Molnar D, Artero E, Nova E, Moreno L, Labayen I, Bevilacqua N, Turck D, Beghin L, Dallongeville J, Gottrand F
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Intima media thickness and diameter of carotid artery in healthy adolescents from Helena study: an ancillary study (preliminary results)


Lamotte C, Iliescu C, Beghin L, Gonzá lez-Gross M, Sjöström M, Widhalm K, Libersa C, De Henauw S, Gottrand F
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41 The MODUL Study: Biomarkers before and after intervention in obese children and adolescents

Winklhofer-Roob BM, Pamperl I, Hütter E, Kandlbauer M, Edelbrunner G, Fasching U, Maritschnegg M, Knopf A, Tiran B, Khoschsorur G, Meinitzer A, Stöcklin E, Weber P
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42 Exercise during pregnancy, gestational diabetes and risk of macrosomia: a randomised controlled trial

Ruiz JR, Barakat R, Lucia A
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Physical fitness levels among European adolescents. The HELENA study


Ortega FB, Artero EG, Ruiz JR, España-Romero V, Jiménez-Pavón D, Vicente-Rodriguez G, Moreno LA, Manios Y, Beghin L, Ottevaere C, Ciarapica D, Sarri K, Dietrich S, Blair SN, Kersting M, Molnar D, González-Gross M, Sjöström M, Gutiérrez Á, Castillo MJ, the HELENA study group
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44 Validity for percentage of fat assessment in adolescents
From field methods to laboratory technology

Vicente-Rodriguez G, Rey-Lopez JP, Mesana MI, Fernandez-Alvira JM, Polito A, Poortvliet E, Westerterp K, Sjöström M, Moreno LA
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Socioeconomic status and overweight in European adolescents


Fernández-Alvira JM, Vicente-Rodríguez G, Béghin L, Mesana MI, Manios Y, Dietrich S, Sette S, Jiménez-Pavón D, González-Gross M, De Henauw S, Gómez-Martínez S, Sjöström M, Gottrand F, Moreno LA
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Are self-reported sedentary behaviors markers of total sedentary time in adolescents?


Rey-López JP, Gracia L, Vicente-Rodriguez G, Manios Y, Benito PJ, Martinez D, Beghin L, Mauro B, de Bourdeaudhuij I, Sjöström M, Moreno LA
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High TV-viewing is associated with low HDL levels in adolescents


Rey-López JP, Gracia L, Vicente-Rodriguez G, Spinneker A, Gottrand F, Wildham K, Sjöström M, Moreno LA
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The effect of dietary fish oil on metabolic risk markers in overweight teenage boys


Pedersen MH, Mølgaard C, Hellgren LI, Lauritzen L
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Is metabolic syndrome prevalence higher in adolescents with self-weight status misperception?


Tarimo M, Baya Botti A, Perez-Cueto F, Verbeke W, Vasquez Monllor P, Kolsteren P
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Serum antioxidants may modify the systemic immunological response induced by exposure to passive smoke in non smoking healthy adolescents


Vardavas CI, Plada M, Tzatzarakis MN, Marcos A, Warnberg J, Gonzalez-Gross M, Gomez-Martinez S, Diaz LE, Saris WH, Tsatsakis AM, Moreno LA, Kafatos AG, the HELENA Heraklion Study Group
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Erythrocyte n-3 fatty acid status is adversely associated with metabolic health in Danish adolescence


Lauritzen L, Hellgren LI, Pedersen MH, Mølgaard C, Michaelsen KF
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