Archives of Public Health - 1998 - vol. 56

  No 9-10
253 The prenatal care in the public sector: modalities and coverage in an urban district (Tunisia).
  A. Bchir, F. Kayeche, K.B. Salem, A. Braham, Z. Belghith, and M. Soltani
Keywords: prenatal care, quality, public health sector, Tunisia
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263 Prenatal care use, perinatal and infant mortality in Portugal.  An area-level analysis
  H. Barros, and M. Tavares
Keywords: districts, ecological study, infant mortality, prenatal care, perinatal mortality, Portugal
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275 Workers participation in a nutrition education programme.
  L. Braeckman, L Maes, M. Bellemans, M.R. Vanderhaegen, A.M. De Maeyer, D. De Bacquer, and G. De Backer
Keywords: health promotion, nutrition, participation, process evaluation, worksite
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291 Activities of daily living scales and the needs for care and help among elderly before and after geriatric hospitalization.
  T. Pepersack, I. Beyer, and the Study Group on Dependence in the French Community of Belgium
Keywords: autonomy, the elderly, ADL
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