Archives of Public Health - 2005 - vol. 63

  No. 6
259 Adequacy of routinely collected data for the assessment of the reproductive health of a community
living in the neighbourhood of two household refuse incinerators: a critical case study.
  W. Aelvoet, J. Vanoverloop, G. Molenberghs, G. Schoeters, M. van Sprundel
Keywords: household refuse incinerator, routinely collected data, reproductive health, environmental surveillance,
                     risk perception and communication
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279 The incidence of dementia: relationship with educational attainment.
  A. Versporten, N. Bossuyt, L. Meulenbergs, F. Baro, H. Van Oyen
Keywords: dementia, educational attainment, general population, survival analysis, cognitive reserve
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293 On regional differences in duration of sick leave: the role of work, personal and health characteristics.
  W.G.M. Beemsterboer, R.E. Stewart, J.W. Groothoff, F.J.N. Nijhuis
Keywords: regions, homogeneous groups, duration of sick leave, determinants, the Netherlands
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