Archives of Public Health - 2003 - vol. 61

  No. 6
283 Patients' expectations of General Practice.
  J. De Lepeleire, M. Creemers, K. Van Tichelt, H. Van Loon
Keywords : General Practice, family medicine, organisation primary care
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Comparing the performance of family characteristics and predictive models for germline BRCA1/2 mutations in breast cancer families.

  G. Goelen, E. Teugels, E. Sermijn, M. Bonduelle, B. Neyns, J. De Greve
Keywords : breast cancer, ovarian cancer, BRCA genes, predictive models, ROC-curve
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313 Depression as a risk factor for total mortality in the community a meta-analysis.
  M. Van den Akker, A.G. Schuurman, KT.J.L. Ensinck, F. Buntinx
Keywords : depressive disorder, mortality, meta-analysis
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