Archives of Public Health - 2002 - vol. 60

No. 6
341 Differences in health expectancy indicators in Belgium by region.
H. Van Oyen, N. Bossuyt, P. Deboosere, S. Gadeyne, J. Tafforeau
Keywords: health expectancy, healthy life expectancy, disability free life expectancy, mental health expectancy, equity,      Belgium, region
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363 Prevalence of intestinal parasites in three localities in Gaza Governorates Palestine.

AI. Agha Rodina, I. Teodorescu
Keywords: intestinal parasites, Ascaris lumbricoides, Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia intestinalis
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371 Home visits in general practice: an exploration by focus groups.

P. Van Royen, J. De Lepeleire, R. Maes
Keywords: Belgium, family practice, home visits
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385 Doctor-patient agreement in the appreciation of arterial hypertension severity.

H. Ghannem, A. Ben Abdelaziz, Z. Bouabid, I. Harrabi, R. Gaha
Keywords: patient compliance, hypertension, perception, health education, patient-doctor agreement
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397 Terrorism.

JP. Dercq
Keywords: terrorism, bioterrorism, biological warfare
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