Archives of Public Health - 2006 - vol. 64

  No. 5
175 GP attitudes towards health, prevention and poverty in deprived communities:
does working with capitation or fee-for-service make a difference ?
  B. Art, C. Snauwaert, B. Masureel, J. De Maeseneer
Keywords: attitude, capitation, fee-for-service, poverty, preventive medicine, primary health care
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185 Drug-related Deaths in Belgium, 1987-1997.
  G. Jossels, F. Sartor
Keywords: mortality, illegal drugs, regions
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199 Mental and Pain Comorbidity of Chronic Somatic Disorders in the General Population in Belgium.
  C. Bertrem, R. Bruffaerts, A. Bonnewyn, H. Van Oyen, S. Demarest, K. Demyttenaere
Keywords: none
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