Archives of Public Health - 2000 - vol. 58

  No. 5
199 Analytical survey of hydroquinone in skin lightening cosmetics available on the Belgian market.
  L. Goeyens, M.O. Masse, M. Borremans, J.M. Feroumont, M. Viaene
Keywords: Hydroquinone, analytical survey, skin lightening cosmetics
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213 Comorbidity of chronic cardiovascular disorders.  A cross-sectional analysis in a large general practice population in the Netherlands.
  J.S.T.M. Landwehr, M. van den Akker, J.F.M. Metsemakers, F. Buntinx
Keywords: commorbidity, cardiovascular disorders, general practice, chronic disorders
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233 Cholecystectomy and appendectomy utilisation rates in Belgium: trends 1986-1996 and impact of laparoscopic surgery.
  M.L. Lambert, MD, MPH.
Keywords: appendectomy, cholecystectomy, laparoscopic surgery, epidemiology, physician's-practice-patterns
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241 Recent trends in tuberculosis incidence in Belgium.
  M. Walin, M. Uydebrouck, P. Vermeire, P. Bartsch, W. Schandevyl and P. Dierckx
Keywords: tuberculosis, incidence, MDR, Belgium
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