Archives of Public Health - 1998 - vol. 56

  No. 5-8
137 The epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases in Belgium.
  D. Avonts
Keywords: epidemiology, STD
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151 Surveillance of infectious diseases in Flanders by compulsory notification.
  K. De Schrijver
Keywords: control of communicable diseases, outbreak management, surveillance of infectious diseases
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169 Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies of Prion protein diseases and public health.
  D. De Bleser, and J. Plum
Keywords: BSE, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Prion, NvCJD, scrapie
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187 Evolution of the HIV epidemic in Belgium.
  A. Sasse, J. Van der Heyden, and A. Stroobant
Keywords: epidemiology, HIV, monitoring, trends
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199 Tuberculosis incidence and surveillance in Belgium.
  M. Fortuin, M. Uydebrouck, M. Wanlin, P. Vermeire, W. Schandevyl, and A. Gyselen
Keywords: tuberculosis, epidemiology, surveillance, Belgium
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209 Hepatitis B: a public health problem.
  P. Van Damme, M. Van der Wielen, M. Beutels, K. Van Herck, A. Vercauteren, and A. Meheus
Keywords: Belgium, epidemiology, hepatitis B, prevention, public health
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233 Cytomegalovirus infection: epidemiology and association with conginental malformations.
  A. De Schryver, G. De Backer, and L. Van Renterghem
Keywords: conginental malformations, cytomegalovirus, epidemiology, public health
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