Archives of Public Health - 2001 - vol. 59

No. 5-6
223 Overweight, obesity and beer consumption.  Alcohol drinking habits in Belgium and body mass index.
Ph. J. Janssens, L. Bruckers, JV Joossens, G. Molenberghs, J. Vinck, D. Renard and J. Tafforeau
Keywords: Beer, wine, alcohol consumption, alcoholic beverages, obesity, body mass index
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239 Socio-economic differences in health and access to health care.
F. Louckx, C. Vanroelen and M. Beck
Keywords: Family characteristics, health services accessibility, health status, mental health, multivariate analysis,
     psychosocial deprivation, socio-economic factors

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265 Inequality in the access to preventive health care: the case of immigrants in Belgium.
O. Anson
Keywords: Belgium, general practitioner, immigrants, preventive care
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281 Psychosocial factors and multiple unhealthy behaviours in 25- to 64-year-old Belgian citizens.
D. Roberfroid and J. Pomerleau
Keywords: Behaviours, psychosocial, health, cluster
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309 Income-related inequalities and inequities in health care utilisation: Belgium and the Netherlands compared
E. Van Doorslaer, J. Buytendijk and J. Geurts
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329 Care dependency and non-medical care use in Flanders
J. Breda and J. Geerts
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347 Analyse des données «santé mentale» de l'enquête nationale de santé, Belgique 1997.  "Mental health data" analysis from the national health survey, Belgium 1997
F. Kittel, M. Ribourdouille and M. Dramaix
Keywords: Belgium, epidemiology, health surveys, mental health, prevalence
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