Archives of Public Health - 2009 - vol. 67

Issue 4

Substance use disorders in Belgium: the need to study rarely investigated high impact disorders

  R. Bruffaerts
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Evidence-based prevention of cannabis use in Flanders. Is there a role for health economic evaluation?

  N. Matthys, G. Van Hal, P. Beutels
Keywords: Belgium, cannabis, evidence-based medicine, medical economics, prevention, programme effectiveness
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Differences in the perception of a mass media information campaign on drug and alcohol consumption

  I. Godin, S. Dujardin, J. Fraeyman, G. Van Hal
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Stimulant medication use among Flemish students: results from an exploring secondary data analysis 1965-2005

  J. Rosiers, G. Van Hal
Keywords: students, substance abuse, central stimulants, residence characteristics, gender
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Cannabis-Related Treatment Demands in Belgium: A Socio-Demographic and Treatment Seeking Profile

  K. Colpaert, W. Vanderplasschen, G. Van Hal, G. Schuyten, E. Broekaert
Keywords: cannabis, treatment demand, substance abuse treatment, drug use, demographics
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Determinants of relapse and re-admission among alcohol abusers after intensive residential treatment

  W. Vanderplasschen, K. Colpaert, E. Broekaert
Keywords: alcohol abuse, treatment, relapse, recovery, continuity of care, aftercare, case management
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