Archives of Public Health - 2008 - vol. 66

Nr. 4
166 Editorial - Wear the willow is bad for your health
  Van Oyen H.
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The impact of divorce on the health status of ex-partners

  Bronselaer JLJ, De Koker BSM, Van Peer CMA.
Keywords: divorce, ex-partners, health care use, psychological health, physical health, literature review
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Sodium intake in the Belgian population. Research limitations and policy implications

  Vandevijvere S, Van Oyen H.
Keywords: sodium intake, food consumption survey, Belgium, food groups
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The role of the curative physician in disability management. A literature review

  Mortelmans AK, Donceel P, Lahaye D, Bulterys S.
Keywords: disability evaluation, disability insurance, employment, family physicians, occupational medicine, physician’s role, rehabilitation, sick leave
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213 Book review

The Development of Modern Epidemiology. Personal reports from those who are there


Van Oyen H.
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215 PhD Dissertation: executive summary

Benzodiazepines sleeping through the problem. (Avoiding of) Inititiation of benzodiazepines in primary health care. Perceptions of general practitioners, patients and nurses


Anthierens S.
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