Archives of Public Health - 2006 - vol. 64

  No. 4
123 Prevalence of overweight, obesity and abdominal obesity in Flemish adults.
  N. Duvigneaud, K. Wijndaele, L. Matton, P. Deriemaeker, R. Philippaerts, J. Lefevre, M. Thomis, W. Duquet
Keywords: abdominal fat, Belgium, body mass index, Europe, obesity
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143 Planning for empowerment in health promotion with socio-economically disadvantaged communities: Experiences with a small group approach.
  S. Van den Broucke, W. Hennion, N. Vernaillen
Keywords: community empowerment, social inequalities, health promotion, participatory research
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159 Uncertainty and variability modelling of chemical exposure through food.
  FAM Verdonck, I. Sioen, K. Baert, N. Van Thuyne, M. Bilau, C. Matthys, S. De Henauw, B. De Meulenaer,
     F. Devlieghere, J. Van Camp, PA Vanrolleghem, P. Van Sprang, W. Verbeke, J. Willems
Keywords: Monte Carlo method, risk assessment, uncertainty
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