Archives of Public Health - 2003 - vol. 61

  No. 4
177 Measurement of the Use of Curative Health Services: Health Interview survey versus National Registers.
  J. Van der Heyden, J. Tafforeau, H. Van Oyen, S. Demarest
Keywords: health interview survey, use of health care, curative medical services, validation
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191 Valid Belgian population frequency data on HLA A-B-DR haplotypes by means of family studies.
  G. Mertens, Z. Berneman, B. Vandekerckhove, MP Emonds
Keywords: HLA, haplotype, Belgian, population genetics
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201 Measuring health state preferences in Belgium with the EQ-5D: a pilot survey in health care workers.
  I. Cleemput, S. De Geest, Y. Vanrenterghem, K. Kesteloot
Keywords: quality of life, health status index, visual analogue scale, validity and reliability, feasibility
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215 The selection of clinical test to be assessed in a prospective investigation aiming at predicting back problems among healthy workers.
  A. Van Cauwenbergh, G. Vandersmissen, T. Dohogne, P. Jacques, G. Moens
Keywords: back pain, clinical tests, healthy worker
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