Archives of Public Health - 1999 - vol. 57

  No. 4
155 The role of self-help groups in providing care for breast cancer patients.
  E. Bruyninckx, D. Mortelmans, and E. Van Hove
Keywords: self-help groups, network analysis, health care
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171 Attempted suicide in Gent: results from the Who/Euro multicentre study on parasuicide in 1996.
  C. van Heeringen, Th. Meerschaert, and A. Berckmoes
Keywords: attempted suicide, epidemiology, risk factors
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185 Association between physical activity level and obesity prevalence: recent cross-sectional and longitudinal data.  A review.
  M. Hulens, G. Vansant, R. Lysens, and A.L. Claessens
Keywords: obesity, physical activity, epidemiology, follow up
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197 Assessment of the behaviour of physicians from emergency services in the French-speaking community of Belgium concerning sudden infant death syndrome.
  Y. Coppieters, A. Leveque, A. Kahn, and D. Piette
Keywords: autopsy, Belgium, emergency service, sudden infant death
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