Archives of Public Health - 2009 - vol. 67

No. 3

Economic crisis on public health

  J. Buziarsist
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Description of cervical cancer mortality in Belgium using Bayesian age-period-cohort models

  A. Raifu, M. Arbyn
Keywords: cervical cancer, trend analysis, mortality, Bayesian analysis, age-cohort-period modelling
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A longitudinal study on the Ghislenghien disaster in Belgium: strengths and weaknesses of the study design and influence on response rate

  A. Versporten, E. De Soir, E. Zech, H. Van Oyen
Keywords: technological disaster, exposure classification, gas explosion, longitudinal study, response rate
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A randomized clinical trial using an educational intervention demonstrated no effect on interobserver agreement on assessments of functional status

  L. Paquay, J. De Lepeleire, K. Milisen, M. Ylieff, F. Buntinx
Keywords: assessment, nursing, nursing home, reliability, randomized clinical trial, Belgian Evaluation Scale, Autonomie Gérontologie Groupe Iso-Ressources (AGGIR)
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