Archives of Public Health - 2003 - vol. 61

  No. 3
127 Patient characteristics & treatment outcome in active and passive case finding of leprosy. A retrospective cohort study in the province of Niassa, Mozambique.
  Y. Stuip, C.H. Phaff, M. Van den Akker
Keywords: -
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141 Measurement of parental occupation: Agreement between parents and their children.
  C. Vereecken, A. Vandegehuchte
Keywords: Children, social class, validity
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151 Smoking habits and cardiovascular risk factors among adolescents in Sousse, Tunisia.
  H. Ghannem, I. Harrabi, A. Ben Abdelaziz, R. Gaha, L. Trabelsi
Keywords: Smoking, cardiovascular risk factors, adolescent, prevention, Tunisia
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161 Is everyone with a chronic disease also chronically ill ?
  J. De Lepeleire, J. Heyrman
Keywords: Chronic disease, social security 
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