Archives of Public Health - 2001 - vol. 59

No. 3
113 Body mass, obesity and fitness among young men.
D. A. Deliege
Keywords: body mass, body mass index, obesity, body, weight, fitness, health status, aptitude, young men
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137 Is there a higher risk for hepatitis A in Flemish health care workers ? A seroprevalence study.
G. Vandersmissen, G. Moens, P. Jacques, R. Vranckx, and W. Wollants
Keywords: HAV, health care workers, occupational risk, seroprevalence study
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151 The effects of the family health program on child health in Ceará state, northeastern Brazil.
E. Morsch, N. Chavannes, M. van den Akker, H. Sa and G. J. Dinant
Keywords: infant mortality, Brazil, family health program
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