Archives of Public Health - 1999 - vol. 57

  No. 3
89 Adjusting for confouding when estimating a time trend in HIV prevalence based on pooled serum samples.
  S. Vansteelandt, E. Goetghebeur, and T. Verstraeten
Keywords: epidemiologic research design, HIV seroprevalence, sentinel surveillance, seroepidemiological
     methods, standardization, statistical models 
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107 Missing data in the Health Interview Survey 1997 in Belgium.
  T. Burzykowski, G. Molenberghs, J. Tafforeau, H. Van Oyen, S. Demarest, and L. Bellamammer
Keywords: beta-binomial model, missing data, multiple imputation, health survey
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131 Paternity testing: a review of theoretical and practical issues.
  G. Mertens, A. Vandenberghe, and L. Muylle
Keywords: paternity, DNA fingerprinting, forensic anthropolgy
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141 Contribution of the private sector in antenatal health care in tunisian urban area.
  MS. Soltani, J. Bchir, M. Bouchahda, M. Letaief, N. Riahi, and A. Bchir
Keywords: prenatal care, private sector, Tunisia
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149 Health policies: Registration in the framework of organised cancer screening ... legal at last !
  M. Arbyn, S. Wallyn, F. Huet, and A. Vandenbroucke
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