Archives of Public Health - 2002 - vol. 60

No. 3 - 4
141 Editorial.
  G. Moens and A. De Schryver
Keywords: Work, occupation and epidemiology 
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143 Stress and job precariousness: classification index of economic sectors.
I. Godin, P. Desmarez and F. Kittel
Keywords: Belgium, classification, employment, job insecurity, workstress
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153 Exposure measurement technique and it's effect on the association of physical load and back disorders.
JP. Jansen and A. Burdorf
Keywords: epidemiology, lifting, meta-regression, postural load, review
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173 The use of job exposure matrices for cancer epidemiology research and surveillance.
M. Goldberg and E. Imbernon
Keywords: occupational epidemiology, cancer, job exposure matrix
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187 Genotyping and phenotyping of metabolic enzymes relevant for the interpretation of biomarkers of exposure.
  V. Haufroid and D. Lison
Keywords: biological monitoring, drug metabolizing enzyme, genotype, phenotype
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203 Controlling the risk of nephrotoxicity in men occupationally exposed to inorganic mercury, lead, or cadmium through monitoring biomarkers of exposure.
HA. Roels
Keywords: health surveillance, industry, renal effects, cadmium, mercury, lead
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217 Overview of the neurotoxic effects in solvent-exposed workers.
M.K. Viaene
Keywords: neurotoxicity syndromes, organic solvents, chronic toxic encephalopathy
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233 Assessement of work ability in aging fire fighters by means of the Work Ability Index preliminary results.
  P. Kiss, M. Walgraeve and M. Vanhoorne
Keywords: ageing, fire fighters, occupational health, older workers, work ability index
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245 Job stress and cardiovascular risk factors - results from the Belstress study.
E. Pelfrene, G. De Backer, R. Mak, P. de Smet and M. Kornitzer
Keywords: cardiovascular risk factors, coronary heart disease, inflammation, job strain, workrelated stress
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269 Book review.
M. Haelterman and G. Van Hal
Keywords: Cancer incidence, care and survival in the South of the Netherlands, 1955-1999
     Medicine in Society. Behavioural Sciences for Medical Students. Edited by Christopher Dowrick. OUP 2001

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