Archives of Public Health - 1998 - vol. 56

  No. 3-4
63 Mental health care for students in higher education.
  A. Clara
Keywords: adolescence, mental health, student
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81 Body mass index, industrial accidents and sick leave: further evidence of an association.
  G. Mylle, G. Moens, H. De Raeve, B. Viaene, and D. Lahaye
Keywords: body mass index, obesity, industrial accidents, sick leave, working population, Belgium,
     cross-sectional study

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93 Brain damage in alcoholics without neuropsychological impairment.
  S. Mützell
Keywords: computed tomography, neuropsychological impaiment, liver toxic drugs, population study
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109 Malnourished children morbidity following vitamin A supplementation or deworming in Democratic Republic of Congo.
  Ph. Donnen, M. Dramaix, D. Brasseur, Z. Mweze, M. Mbasha and Ph. Hennart
Keywords: democratic republic of Congo, malnutrition, morbidity, pre-school children, vitamin A,
     deficiency, vitamin A supplementation, deworming

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