Archives of Public Health - 1997 - vol. 55

No. 3-4
63 Functional status and the care network among elderly residents of sheltered housing.
L. Vanden Boer
Keywords: the elderly, sheltered accommodation, functional status, care network
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87 Tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis B and risk behaviour in a Belgian prison.
S. Todts, K. Fonck, R. Colebunders, G. Vercauteren, K. Driesen, M. Uydebrouck, R. Vranckx, and F. Van Mol
Keywords: prison, tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis B, risk behaviour
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99 Age-Period-Cohort model: trends in mortality from lung cancer in women, Belgium 1971-1990.
S. Drieskens, P. Quataert, J. Tafforeau, and H. Van Oyen
Keywords: APC-model, Belgium, drift, lung cancer mortality, nested model, Poisson model, trend, woman
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119 Socioeconomic health inequalities in Belgium in an international perspective.
D. De Graeve, and I. Duchesne
Keywords: morbidity, health status, socioeconomic factors, health surveys, equity
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