Archives of Public Health - 2008 - vol. 66

No. 2
48 Inequalities in Health
  H. Van Oyen
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Mental health services use in the general Belgian population: estimating the impact of mental health and social determinants

  A. Gouwy, W. Christiaens, P. Bracke
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The role of socioeconomic status, peer and school context for adolescent smoking

  M. Richter, T. Lampert
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Overweight and obesity in primary practice. A patient-based study

  A. Al-Windi
Keywords: Body Mass Index (BMI), cardiovascular disease, general practice, primary care, musculoskeletal disorders
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102 PhD Dissertation: executive summary

Official registrations for an evaluation-based health policy. Aspects of policy support at national, intermediary and local level


W. Aelvoet
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