Archives of Public Health - 2002 - vol. 60

No. 2
73 Description of the influence of age, period and cohort effects on cervical cancer mortality by loglinear Poisson models (Belgium, 1955-94).
  M. Arbyn, H. Van Oyen, F. Sartor, F. Tibaldi and G. Molenberghs
Keywords: age-period-cohort models, trend analysis, poisson regression models, mortality, cervical cancer,

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101 Risk factors for open angle glaucoma: a study in two rural areas of the democratic republic of Congo.
D. Kaimbo wa Kaimbo, F. Buntinx and L. Missotten
Keywords: open angle glaucoma, ethnicity, Mongo people, Kongo people, democratic republic of Congo
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115 The effectiveness of teaching appropriate lifting and transfer techniques to nursing students: results after two years of follow-up.
G. Moens, K. Johannik, T. Dohogne and G. Vandepoele
Keywords: intervention study, low back pain, lifting techniques, nursing students
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125 Motifs de contacts au niveau de la premiere ligne dans le sahel tunisien.
MS. Soltani, M. Letaief, K. Ben Salem, O. Mandhouj, H. Gacem, Z. Belghith, R. Nouira and A. Bchir
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