Archives of Public Health - 2000 - vol. 58

  No. 2
51 Comorbidity of chronic gastro-intestinal disorders.
A cross-sectional analysis in a large general practice population in the Netherlands.
  H.O.M. Huitema, M. van den Akker, F. Buntinx, J.W. Muris, J.F.M. Metsemakers, and J.A. Knottnerus
Keywords: comorbidity, gastro-intestinal, chronic disease
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67 Incidence of cancer in the Belgian province of Limburg in 1996: first experiences of a new cancer incidence registry.
  D. Lousbergh, F. Buntinx, E. Cloes, D. Dhollander, E. Salk, L. Op De Beeck, J. Rummens, B. Van Brabandt,
     J. Vanden Brande, H. Vandeput, and A. Van Waes
Keywords: cancer, epidemiology, cancer registry, Belgium
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85 Descriptive analysis of the pharmaceutical prescription evolution in the Belgian ambulatory sector between 1986 and 1996.
  D. Philippar, R. Van Tielen, G. Sturbois, and F. Peys
Keywords: correspondence analysis, trajectories classification, evolution data, prescriptions
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