Archives of Public Health - 2006 - vol. 64

  No. 2 - 3
49 The official breast cancer screening programme in Flanders: a catch-22 ?
  G. Van Hal
Keywords: introductory editorial 
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51 Evaluation of a Screening Programme for Breast Cancer in Flanders.
  J. Weyler
Keywords: guest editorial
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55 Twelve years of breast cancer screening in Flemish-Brabant and Limburg.
  G. Vande Putte, E. Van Limbergen, A. Van Steen, C. Van Ongeval, G. Eeckelaers, MJ Hernández-Benito, J. Steylaerts
Keywords: mass screening, mammography, predictive value of test, programme evaluation
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71 Evaluation of the first round of the national breast cancer screening programme in Flanders, Belgium.
  K. De Gauquier, A. Remacle, V. Fabri, R. Mertens
Keywords: Belgium, mammography, mass screening, programme evaluation
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81 Re-attendance in the Flemish mammography breast cancer screening programme, Belgium.
Results from the Centre for Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer, Ghent University.
  P. Van Landeghem, L. Bleyen, G. Villeirs, G. De Backer
Keywords: adherence, breast cancer, compliance, maintenance, mammography, re-attendance, re-screening,
     repeat screening

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93 The influence of district level characteristics on the participation rate of breast cancer screening in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.
  E. Dierckx, A. Michiels, P. Rotthier, JJ Weyler, GF Van Hal
Keywords: social gradient, breast cancer screening, Belgium, participation rate, socio-economic status
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109 How to reach a higher participation rate for breast cancer screening in Flanders ?
  M. Wouters, F. Vleminckx, G. Van Hal
Keywords: none
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