Archives of Public Health - 2010 - vol. 68

Issue 1

Melanoma incidence trends in Limburg after screening and prevention campaigns


Vanstraelen D, Deleu H, Van Robays J, Dhollander D, Cloes E, Lousberg D, Kuipers G, Adriaens B, Mebis J, Mathei C, Buntinx F
Keywords: melanoma, screening, incidence trends
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The socio-economic distribution of health-related occupational stressors among wage-earners in a Post-Fordist labour market


Vanroelen C, Levecque K, Louckx F
Keywords: age distribution, Belgium, gender, health inequality, occupational health, occupational groups, social class, socio-economic factors
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Blood lead levels in the Kinshasa population: a pilot study

  Tuakuila J, Mbuyi F, Kabamba M, Lantin A-C, Lison D, Hoet P
Keywords: leaded gasoline, Kinshasa, human exposure, saturnism, blood lead
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42 FPS Health Report: executive summary

Quality and patient safety in Belgian hospitals in the year 2008. Report on the Quality and patient safety contract of 2007-2008


Borgermans L, Decoster C, De Groote D, Dicker D, Haelterman M, Jacquerye A, Maquoi S, Osten P, Peleman H, Sauwens D, Van Gastel E.
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