Archives of Public Health - 2009 - vol. 67

No. 1

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. A message for Public Health Research in Belgium

  H. Van Oyen
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Establishing a Belgian Nutrition Society (BNS): Filling the Void

  BNS Founding members
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Progression and improvement after mild cognitive impairment

  F. Buntinx, L. Paquay, M. Ylieff, J. De Lepeleire
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Measurement Equivalence of the CES-D 8 in the General Population in Belgium: a Gender Perspective

  S. Van de Velde, K. Levecque, P. Bracke
Keywords: depression, factor analysis, gender, validation, psychometrics
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Access to Mental Health for Asylum Seekers in the European Union. An Analysis of Disparities between Legal Rights and Reality

  P. Bell, E. Zech
Keywords: asylum seeker, refugee, mental health, reception conditions
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45 PhD Dissertation: executive summary

Assessment of the Impact of the Non-human Use of Antimicrobial Agents on the Selection, Transmission and Distribution of Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria


E. Abatih
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