Archives of Public Health - 2002 - vol. 60

No. 1
1 Immigrant mortality in Belgium: the person and the place.
  J. Anson
Keywords: immigrants, relative risks, community, quality of life indicators
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Commentary about: immigrant mortality in Belgium: the person and the place.

  J. Hussey
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27 Sexually transmitted infections (STI) among prostitutes in Antwerp Belgium.
Importance and feasibility of a hepatitis B vaccination programme.
K. Wouters, P. Van Damme, A. Vercauteren, J. Verheyen, S. Castermans and A. Meheus
Keywords: Hepatitis B vaccines, prostitution, sexually transmitted infection
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39 The Flemish version of a new European standardised outcome instrument for measuring patients' assessment of the quality of care in general practice.
W. Peersman, N. Jacobs, J. De Maeseneer and L. Seuntjes
Keywords: patient satisfaction, general practice, health care survey
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59 Public health practices experiences.
Les urgences dans un hopital regional.
Profil épidémiologique et étude de la satisfaction des usagers/patients.
Service régional des urgences de Kébili - Tunisie.
A. Chetoui and J.P. Papart
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69 Views and reviews.
The census and health: commentaries about the 2001 Belgian Census.
V. Lorant, H. Van Oyen, P. Deboosere and P. Humblet
Keywords: induced abortion, reproductive health, Tunisia
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