Archives of Public Health - 2000 - vol. 58

  No. 1
1 Measuring acculturation among immigrants.
  P. Buekens, A. Manson, and T. Delvaux
Keywords: acculturation, Belgium, migrants
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7 Characteristics of final institutionalisation of adult patients: Results of the Belgian Sentinel General Practitioners.
  D. Devroey, V. Van Casteren, and J. De Lepeleire
Keywords: family practice, institutionalisation, sentinel surveillance   
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23 On dental health in Belgian population approaching the 21st century.
  J.P. Van Nieuwenhuysen, and J.C. Carvalho
Keywords: dental caries, epidemiology, child, adult, industrialised country, public health
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37 Relevance and feasibility of hepatitis B vaccine administration to prostitutes in Brussels, Belgium.
  C. Prévost, C. Cheront, F. Bertrand, and R. Tonglet
Keywords: hepatitis B prevention and control, hepatitis B vaccines, prostitution, Belgium
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