Archives of Public Health - 2010 - vol. 68

Issue 1

Melanoma incidence trends in Limburg after screening and prevention campaigns


Vanstraelen D, Deleu H, Van Robays J, Dhollander D, Cloes E, Lousberg D, Kuipers G, Adriaens B, Mebis J, Mathei C, Buntinx F
Keywords: melanoma, screening, incidence trends
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The socio-economic distribution of health-related occupational stressors among wage-earners in a Post-Fordist labour market


Vanroelen C, Levecque K, Louckx F
Keywords: age distribution, Belgium, gender, health inequality, occupational health, occupational groups, social class, socio-economic factors
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Blood lead levels in the Kinshasa population: a pilot study

  Tuakuila J, Mbuyi F, Kabamba M, Lantin A-C, Lison D, Hoet P
Keywords: leaded gasoline, Kinshasa, human exposure, saturnism, blood lead
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42 FPS Health Report: executive summary

Quality and patient safety in Belgian hospitals in the year 2008. Report on the Quality and patient safety contract of 2007-2008


Borgermans L, Decoster C, De Groote D, Dicker D, Haelterman M, Jacquerye A, Maquoi S, Osten P, Peleman H, Sauwens D, Van Gastel E.
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Issue 2

Surveillance of the 2009 flu pandemic in Belgium


Wuillaume F
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Influenza A(H1N1)2009 pandemic. Chronology of the events in Belgium


Litzroth A, Gutiérrez I, Hammadi S
Keywords: Belgium, chronology, epidemiology, influenza A virus H1N1 subtype, pandemic
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Case finding of Influenza A(H1N1)2009 in Belgium in the early pandemic

  Quoilin S, Thomas I, Gérard C, Brochier B, Bots J, Lokietek S, Robesyn E, Wuillaume F, Muyldermans G
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Clinical surveillance of the Influenza A(H1N1)2009 pandemic through the network of Sentinel General Practitioners


Van Casteren V, Mertens K, Antoine J, Wanyama S, Thomas I, Bossuyt N
Keywords: Sentinel surveillance, family practice, Influenza, Influenza A virus, H1N1 Subtype
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Virological surveillance of the Influenza A(H1N1)2009 pandemic: the role of the Belgian National Influenza Centre


Gérard C, Brochier B, Quoilin S, Wuillaume F, Van Casteren V, Thomas I
Keywords: Surveillance, Influenza, diagnosis, PCR
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Confirmation diagnosis of Influenza A(H1N1)2009 by Belgian sentinel laboratories during the epidemic phase


Muyldermans G, Ducoffre G, Thomas I, Clement F, De Laere E, Glupczynski Y, Hougardy N, Lagrou K, Léonard PE, Meex C, Pierard D, Raymaekers M, Reynders M, Stalpaert M, Verstrepen W, Quoilin S
Keywords: Influenza, A(H1N1)pandemic, epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis
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Surveillance of Influenza A and Respiratory Syncytial Virus by the Belgian Sentinel Laboratory Network


Ducoffre G, Quoilin S, Wuillaume F
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Issue 3

Lessons learned from the 2009 Influenza A(H1N1) pandemic at EU level


Snacken R
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Severe Acute Respiratory Infections during the Influenza A(H1N1)2009 pandemic in Belgium: first experience of hospital-based flu surveillance


Hammadi S, Gutiérrez I, Litzroth A, Mertens K, Wuillaume F
Keywords: SARI, hospitalisation, surveillance, influenza A(H1N1)2009, epidemiology
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Influenza surveillance in children: first experiences with the Belgian Paediatric Surveillance system ‘PediSurv’


Sabbe M, Hue D, Antoine J, Dupont Y, Van Eldere J, Van Ranst M, Thomas I
Keywords: Influenza, paediatrics, A(H1N1)2009, epidemiology
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Surveillance of influenza-like illness in Belgian nursing homes


Jans B, Latour K, Broex E, Catry B
Keywords: Nursing homes, surveillance, influenza, A(H1N1)2009, influenza-like illness, seasonal flu
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Influenza vaccination recording system in Belgium


Antoine J, Dupont Y, Reynders D, Van Laethem Y, Van Ranst M, Neels P, Roisin T, Hamdani J, Wuillaume F
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Timeliness of syndromic influenza surveillance through work and school absenteeism


Bollaerts K, Antoine J, Robesyn E, Van Proeyen L, Vomberg J, Feys E, De Decker E, Catry B
Keywords: School absenteeism, worker absenteeism, influenza, influenza A virus, H1N1 subtype
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Issue 4

Nutritional intake of various groups of Flemish vegetarians


Deriemaeker P, Alewaeters K, Hebbelinck M, Clarys P
Keywords: nutritional intake, dietary adequacy, Flemish vegetarians
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Alcohol during pregnancy and lactation: recommendations versus real intake


Guelinckx I, Devlieger R, Vansant G
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Using neural network as a screening and educational tool for abnormal glucose tolerance in the community


Gao W, Dong F, Nie S, Shi L
Keywords: screening, diabetes mellitus, Abnormal Glucose Tolerance, risk factors, neural networks
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