Archives of Public Health - 2009 - vol. 67

Issue 1

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. A message for Public Health Research in Belgium

  H. Van Oyen
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Establishing a Belgian Nutrition Society (BNS): Filling the Void

  BNS Founding members
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Progression and improvement after mild cognitive impairment

  F. Buntinx, L. Paquay, M. Ylieff, J. De Lepeleire
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Measurement Equivalence of the CES-D 8 in the General Population in Belgium: a Gender Perspective

  S. Van de Velde, K. Levecque, P. Bracke
Keywords: depression, factor analysis, gender, validation, psychometrics
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Access to Mental Health for Asylum Seekers in the European Union. An Analysis of Disparities between Legal Rights and Reality

  P. Bell, E. Zech
Keywords: asylum seeker, refugee, mental health, reception conditions
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45 PhD Dissertation: executive summary

Assessment of the Impact of the Non-human Use of Antimicrobial Agents on the Selection, Transmission and Distribution of Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria


E. Abatih
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Issue 2

The Belgian Association of Public Health (BAPH). A closer acquaintance

  G. Van Hal
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Noise nuisance and health inequalities in Belgium: a population study

  V. Lorant, C. Schmit
Keywords: health inequalities, noise nuisance, socio-economic factors, subjective health, urban health
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Diabetes type 2 in Belgians of Turkish and Moroccan origin

  H. Vandenheede, P. Deboosere
Keywords: Belgium, body mass index, diabetes mellitus, immigrants, Morocco, physical exercise, socio-economic factors, Turkey
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The increase in physical performance and gain in lean and fat mass occur in prepubertal children independent of mode of school transportation. One year data from the prospective controlled Pediatric Osteoporosis Prevention (POP) Study

  S. Stenevi-Lundgren, RM Daly, P. Gärdsell, M. Dencker, M. Karlsson
Keywords: accelerometers, active commuting, body composition, fat mass, lean mass, muscle strength, physical activity, vertical jump height
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Issue 3

Economic crisis on public health

  J. Buziarsist
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Description of cervical cancer mortality in Belgium using Bayesian age-period-cohort models

  A. Raifu, M. Arbyn
Keywords: cervical cancer, trend analysis, mortality, Bayesian analysis, age-cohort-period modelling
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A longitudinal study on the Ghislenghien disaster in Belgium: strengths and weaknesses of the study design and influence on response rate

  A. Versporten, E. De Soir, E. Zech, H. Van Oyen
Keywords: technological disaster, exposure classification, gas explosion, longitudinal study, response rate
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A randomized clinical trial using an educational intervention demonstrated no effect on interobserver agreement on assessments of functional status

  L. Paquay, J. De Lepeleire, K. Milisen, M. Ylieff, F. Buntinx
Keywords: assessment, nursing, nursing home, reliability, randomized clinical trial, Belgian Evaluation Scale, Autonomie Gérontologie Groupe Iso-Ressources (AGGIR)
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Issue 4

Substance use disorders in Belgium: the need to study rarely investigated high impact disorders

  R. Bruffaerts
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Evidence-based prevention of cannabis use in Flanders. Is there a role for health economic evaluation?

  N. Matthys, G. Van Hal, P. Beutels
Keywords: Belgium, cannabis, evidence-based medicine, medical economics, prevention, programme effectiveness
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Differences in the perception of a mass media information campaign on drug and alcohol consumption

  I. Godin, S. Dujardin, J. Fraeyman, G. Van Hal
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Stimulant medication use among Flemish students: results from an exploring secondary data analysis 1965-2005

  J. Rosiers, G. Van Hal
Keywords: students, substance abuse, central stimulants, residence characteristics, gender
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Cannabis-Related Treatment Demands in Belgium: A Socio-Demographic and Treatment Seeking Profile

  K. Colpaert, W. Vanderplasschen, G. Van Hal, G. Schuyten, E. Broekaert
Keywords: cannabis, treatment demand, substance abuse treatment, drug use, demographics
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Determinants of relapse and re-admission among alcohol abusers after intensive residential treatment

  W. Vanderplasschen, K. Colpaert, E. Broekaert
Keywords: alcohol abuse, treatment, relapse, recovery, continuity of care, aftercare, case management
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