Archives of Public Health - 2005 - vol. 63

No. 1
1 The Belgian food consumption survey: aims, design and methods.
  S. De Vriese, G. De Backer, S.De Henauw, I. Huybrechts, K. Kornitzer, A. Leveque, M. Moreau, H. Van Oyen
Keywords: Nutrition survey, 24h recall, food frequency questionnaire, food safety
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17 A Belgian case control study on bladder cancer: rationale and design.
  E. Kellen MD, M. Zeegers PhD, D. Lousbergh MD, A. Paulussen PhD, F. Buntinx MD PhD
Keywords: Bladder neoplasm, case-control study, risk factors, epidemiology
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35 Frequency and causes of hospitalization of nursing home residents.
  G. Van Camp-Van Rensbergen
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  No. 2
57 Polio eradiction and laboratory containment programme of wild polioviruses in Belgium. Laboratory survey and inventory phase.
  M. Sneyers, Ph. Herman, W. Moens
Keywords: containment, eradication, inventory, laboratory survey, poliovirus
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67 Supporting physicians caring for methadone users: the evaluation of the implementation of a Quebec program.
  N. Touati PhD
Keywords: methadone treatment, treatment access, Quebec, support for health professionals,
     methadone-prescribing,  physicians, program implementation, program evaluation, vulnerable population, support,      health professionals

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85 Quality of emergency obstetrical care provided to ‘near miss’ in Benin referral hospitals.
  J. Saizonou, L. Fourn, F. Leynen, P. Martiny, B. Dujardin
Keywords: obstétrique, complications, ‘near miss’, qualité, évaluation, Bénin
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  No. 3
107 Composite health measures in Belgium based on the 2001 census.
  H. Van Oyen, N. Bossuyt, L. Bellamammer, P. Deboosere, S. Demarest, V. Lorant, PJ Miermans
Keywords: Health expectancy, Life expectancy, Disability free life expectancy, Morbidity free live expectancy,
     Healthy life expectancy, Belgium

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127 Mortality statistics in Belgium 1980-1997 Quality of coding.
  W. Aelvoet, G. Molenberghs, M. van Sprundel
Keywords: Coding, Mortality Statistics, Editing, Death Certificates
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149 Poverty and indigence representation in the primary health care by the point of view of Benin communities.
  E-M. Ouendo, M. Makoutodé, I. Godin, J. Guèdègbé Capo-Chichi, B. Dujardin
Keywords: Bénin, communauté, indigence, pauvreté, représentation, soins de santé primaires
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  No. 4
167 Surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases.
  V. Van Casteren
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171 Surveillance, a key strategy in the elimination of diseases.
The case of polio and measles surveillance in Belgium.
  T. Lernout, V. Van Casteren
Keywords: elimination, eradication, measles, poliomyelitis, surveillance
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185 Pneumococcal vaccination coverage in elderly people in Belgium.
  N. Bossuyt, V. Van Casteren
Keywords: 23-valent pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide vaccine, Belgium, family physicians, Streptococcu      pneumoniae, vaccination
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199 Hepatitis A and B surveillance and immunization programmes in Europe: EUROHEP.NET project.
  E. Leuridan, A. Vorsters, K. Van Herck, P. Van Damme, the team
Keywords: elimination, eradication, measles, poliomyelitis, surveillance
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  No. 5
219 Incidence of Episodes of Wheezy Bronchitis in Children living near the Iron and Steel Factory from Cãlãrasi.
  AC. Câra, F.Buntinx
Keywords: no keywords
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227 The Dutch national food consumption survey 2003. Methodological issues.
  MC Ocké, KFAM Hulshof, CTM van Rossum
Keywords: 24-hour recalls, dietary monitoring, food consumption, telephone interviews, young adults
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243 Projections of the dependent elderly population by age, sex, and household composition.
Scenarios for Belgium.
  A. Abramowska, C. Gourbin, G.Wunsch
Keywords: Population projection, Elderly, Disability.
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  No. 6
259 Adequacy of routinely collected data for the assessment of the reproductive health of a community
living in the neighbourhood of two household refuse incinerators: a critical case study.
  W. Aelvoet, J. Vanoverloop, G. Molenberghs, G. Schoeters, M. van Sprundel
Keywords: household refuse incinerator, routinely collected data, reproductive health, environmental surveillance,
                     risk perception and communication
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279 The incidence of dementia: relationship with educational attainment.
  A. Versporten, N. Bossuyt, L. Meulenbergs, F. Baro, H. Van Oyen
Keywords: dementia, educational attainment, general population, survival analysis, cognitive reserve
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293 On regional differences in duration of sick leave: the role of work, personal and health characteristics.
  W.G.M. Beemsterboer, R.E. Stewart, J.W. Groothoff, F.J.N. Nijhuis
Keywords: regions, homogeneous groups, duration of sick leave, determinants, the Netherlands
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