Archives of Public Health - 2004 - vol. 62

No. 1 - 2
5 Genetics and prevention: work at risk or "workers at risk" ?
  A. Thébaud-Mony
Keywords: Occupational health, science, genetic susceptibility, social relations
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Acceptability of genetic susceptibility testing in occupational health - a position paper.

  L. Casteleyn, K. Van Damme
Keywords: Occupational health, genetic susceptibility, ethics, informed consent, chronic beryllium disease
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23 Genetic testing and occupational risks: impact on the prevention and compensation of occupational diseases.
N. Hautenne
Keywords: -
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39 Simplicity and complexity of genetic susceptibility in the occupational environment.
I. Decordier, P. Aka, N. Lombaert, A. Vanhauwaert, R. Mateuca, M. Kirsch-Volders
Keywords: Occupational exposure, genotype, phenotype, genetic susceptibility
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49 La diffusion des tests génétiques dans Ie domaine de l'emploi: statut de l'information, cadrages et mobilisations profanes.
  P. Lascoumes, N. Rigaud
Keywords: Controverses socio-techniques, discrimination genetique, mobilisations profanes, sociologie des sciences
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71 Genotoxicity tests: Usefulness in occupational health.
Difficulties encountered in their application to the workers medical survey.
  M.I. Ortega Eslavia
Keywords: Genotoxicite, medecine du travail, agents antineoplasiques, cancerogenes, mutagenes
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83 Regulating Red and Green Biotechnologies in Belgium: Diverging Designs of Biopolicies.
  F. Varone, N. Sciffino
Keywords: assisted reproductive technologies, biopolitics, biotech­nologies, genetic testing
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107 Trade Union Perspectives on Genetic Screening in Employment.
Relations: Prevention or Shift towards a Predictive Medical Selection.
  L. Vogel
Keywords: Genetic screening, workforce selection, occupational health policy, prevention at the workplace
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  No. 3 - 4
117 Long-term Assistance and Care for Dependent Elderly and People with Dementia.
  M. Ylieff, F. Buntinx, O. Fontaine, J. De Lepeleire
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125 The Qualidem project in Belgium. A two-center study on care needs and provision in dementia care: inclusion criteria and description of the population.
  L. Paquay, J. De Lepeleire, B. Schoenmakers, J. Stessens, A. Bouwen, M. van der Burg, D. Di Notte, R. Gazon
M. Ylieff, O. Fontaine, F. Buntinx
Keywords: Dementia, Primary Health Care, Methods, Quality of Health Care
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143 Care time and costs of care for elderly persons with dementia.
  S. Misplon, J. Pacolet, G. Hedebouw
Keywords: Dementia, Costs and Cost analysis
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157 The burden of family care giving in dementia.
  B. Schoenmakers, J. De Lepeleire, M. Ylieff, O. Fontaine, F. Buntinx
Keywords: dementia, caregiver, stress, depression, workload
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173 Options for a new procedure for determining care needs in Belgium: an initial exploration.
  F. Buntinx, L. Paquay, O. Fontaine, M. Ylieff , J. De Lepeleire
Keywords: primary health care, dementia, health care costs
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185 The validity of the Frail instrument in General Practice.
  J. De Lepeleire, M. Ylieff, J. Stessens, F. Buntinx, L. Paquay
Keywords: Frail Elderly, Diagnosis, Dementia
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197 The evolution of the organization of homecare in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels.
  J. De Lepeleire J, F. Falez F, M.Yieff, O. Fontaine, L. Paquay, F. Buntinx
Keywords: Home care services
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  No. 5
209 Is the Health promotion Campaign for the breast cancer screening programme in Flanders successful ?
A process evaluation.

G. Van Hal, S. Moens, M. Van Goethem, A. De Schepper, J. Weyler
Keywords: Belgium, Breast Cancer, Health Promotion, Mass Screening
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227 Regional Differences in the Consumption of Benzodiazepines: an Analysis from Belgium.
  H. Habraken, J. De Maeseneer, L. De Prins, C. Gosset
Keywords: benzodiazepines, survey, community, drug utilization
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243 Effectiveness of Health Education on the diabetic regulation for the diabetic on insuline treatment in family practice.

M. Jenhani, A. Ben Abdelaziz, A. Guedira, H. Ghannem
Keywords: Diabète sucré - Education pour la santé - Médecine générale - Soins de santé primaires
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  No. 6
259 Preliminary results of STI Sentinel Surveillance System in Belgium.
  A. Defraye, A. Sasse
Keywords: STI - Sexually transmitted infections - STD - syphilis - sentinel surveillance - HIV
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271 The social distribution of depression in Belgium: A comparison of the Belgian Health Interview Survey 2001
and the Panel Study of Belgian Households.
  K. Levecque
Keywords: Belgium, depression, population, risk factors
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291 Op zoek naar de residentiële verblijfsduur van zorgbehoevende bejaarden.
  G. Van Camp-Van Rensbergen, H. Prims
Keywords: nursing home, length of stay, determinants, dementia
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