Archives of Public Health - 2003 - vol. 61

No. 1 - 2
3 Socio-professional level and long-term mortality in three Belgian large-scale studies.
  F. Kittel, P. De Smet, F. Leynen, M. Dramaix, G. De Backer, M. Kornitzer
Keywords: Psychosocial, long-term prediction, mortality, coronary heart disease
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Socio-economic status, nutrition and health.

  S. De Henauw, C. Matthys, G. De Backer
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33 Do regional differences in psychosocial variables contribute to regional differences in cardiovascular mortality in Belgium ?
P. De Smet, M. Moreau, E. Pelfrene, E. Clays, F. Leynen, F. Kittel, G. De Backer, M. Kornitzer
Keywords: Belgium, coronary heart disease mortality, psychosocial variables, work environment
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53 The Job Content Questionnaire: methodological considerations and challenges for future research.
E. Pelfrene, E. Clays, M. Moreau, R. Mak, P. Vlerick, M. Kornitzer, G. De Backer
Keywords: -
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75 Job stress and prevalence of diabetes: results from the belstress study.
F. Leynen, M. Moreau, E. Pelfrene, E. Clays, G. De Backer, M. Kornitzer
Keywords: Job characteristics, job stress, stress models, demands-control-support model, diabetes, cardiovascular
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91 Study of new explanatory mechanisms in the relation between job stress and cardiovascular diseases.
  E. Clays, R. Mak, J. Delanghe, L. Van Renterghem, F. Kittel, F. Leynen, G. De Backer
Keywords: Job stress, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, infection
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101 Occupational stress and incidence of sick leave in three sectors of activity of the Belgian workforce: the belstress study.
  M. Moreau, F. Valente, R. Mak, E. Pelfrene, P. De Smet, G. De Backer, M. Kornitzer
Keywords: Job characteristics, job stress, sick leave, stress models, demands-control-support model, sectors of activity
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  No. 3
127 Patient characteristics & treatment outcome in active and passive case finding of leprosy. A retrospective cohort study in the province of Niassa, Mozambique.
  Y. Stuip, C.H. Phaff, M. Van den Akker
Keywords: -
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141 Measurement of parental occupation: Agreement between parents and their children.
  C. Vereecken, A. Vandegehuchte
Keywords: Children, social class, validity
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151 Smoking habits and cardiovascular risk factors among adolescents in Sousse, Tunisia.
  H. Ghannem, I. Harrabi, A. Ben Abdelaziz, R. Gaha, L. Trabelsi
Keywords: Smoking, cardiovascular risk factors, adolescent, prevention, Tunisia
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161 Is everyone with a chronic disease also chronically ill ?
  J. De Lepeleire, J. Heyrman
Keywords: Chronic disease, social security 
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  No. 4
177 Measurement of the Use of Curative Health Services: Health Interview survey versus National Registers.
  J. Van der Heyden, J. Tafforeau, H. Van Oyen, S. Demarest
Keywords: health interview survey, use of health care, curative medical services, validation
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191 Valid Belgian population frequency data on HLA A-B-DR haplotypes by means of family studies.
  G. Mertens, Z. Berneman, B. Vandekerckhove, MP Emonds
Keywords: HLA, haplotype, Belgian, population genetics
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201 Measuring health state preferences in Belgium with the EQ-5D: a pilot survey in health care workers.
  I. Cleemput, S. De Geest, Y. Vanrenterghem, K. Kesteloot
Keywords: quality of life, health status index, visual analogue scale, validity and reliability, feasibility
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215 The selection of clinical test to be assessed in a prospective investigation aiming at predicting back problems among healthy workers.
  A. Van Cauwenbergh, G. Vandersmissen, T. Dohogne, P. Jacques, G. Moens
Keywords: back pain, clinical tests, healthy worker
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  No. 5
223 Complaints of depression in a representative sample of Belgian population.
  P. Bracke, N. Wauterickx
Keywords: Belgium, demographic factors, depression
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249 A new female condom: women's opinions and strategies of promotion for public health.
  D. Deliège
Keywords: female condom, contraceptive method, safe sex, prevention, reproductive health, women
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271 The satisfaction of the employee on sick leave with the occupational physician.
  A.K. Mortelmans, P. Donceel, D. Lahaye
Keywords: sick leave, doctor-patient relationship, occupational physician
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  No. 6
283 Patients' expectations of General Practice.
  J. De Lepeleire, M. Creemers, K. Van Tichelt, H. Van Loon
Keywords : General Practice, family medicine, organisation primary care
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Comparing the performance of family characteristics and predictive models for germline BRCA1/2 mutations in breast cancer families.

  G. Goelen, E. Teugels, E. Sermijn, M. Bonduelle, B. Neyns, J. De Greve
Keywords : breast cancer, ovarian cancer, BRCA genes, predictive models, ROC-curve
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313 Depression as a risk factor for total mortality in the community a meta-analysis.
  M. Van den Akker, A.G. Schuurman, KT.J.L. Ensinck, F. Buntinx
Keywords : depressive disorder, mortality, meta-analysis
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