Archives of Public Health - 2002 - vol. 60

No. 1
1 Immigrant mortality in Belgium: the person and the place.
  J. Anson
Keywords: immigrants, relative risks, community, quality of life indicators
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Commentary about: immigrant mortality in Belgium: the person and the place.

  J. Hussey
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27 Sexually transmitted infections (STI) among prostitutes in Antwerp Belgium.
Importance and feasibility of a hepatitis B vaccination programme.
K. Wouters, P. Van Damme, A. Vercauteren, J. Verheyen, S. Castermans and A. Meheus
Keywords: Hepatitis B vaccines, prostitution, sexually transmitted infection
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39 The Flemish version of a new European standardised outcome instrument for measuring patients' assessment of the quality of care in general practice.
W. Peersman, N. Jacobs, J. De Maeseneer and L. Seuntjes
Keywords: patient satisfaction, general practice, health care survey
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59 Public health practices experiences.
Les urgences dans un hopital regional.
Profil épidémiologique et étude de la satisfaction des usagers/patients.
Service régional des urgences de Kébili - Tunisie.
A. Chetoui and J.P. Papart
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69 Views and reviews.
The census and health: commentaries about the 2001 Belgian Census.
V. Lorant, H. Van Oyen, P. Deboosere and P. Humblet
Keywords: induced abortion, reproductive health, Tunisia
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No. 2
73 Description of the influence of age, period and cohort effects on cervical cancer mortality by loglinear Poisson models (Belgium, 1955-94).
  M. Arbyn, H. Van Oyen, F. Sartor, F. Tibaldi and G. Molenberghs
Keywords: age-period-cohort models, trend analysis, poisson regression models, mortality, cervical cancer,

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101 Risk factors for open angle glaucoma: a study in two rural areas of the democratic republic of Congo.
D. Kaimbo wa Kaimbo, F. Buntinx and L. Missotten
Keywords: open angle glaucoma, ethnicity, Mongo people, Kongo people, democratic republic of Congo
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115 The effectiveness of teaching appropriate lifting and transfer techniques to nursing students: results after two years of follow-up.
G. Moens, K. Johannik, T. Dohogne and G. Vandepoele
Keywords: intervention study, low back pain, lifting techniques, nursing students
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125 Motifs de contacts au niveau de la premiere ligne dans le sahel tunisien.
MS. Soltani, M. Letaief, K. Ben Salem, O. Mandhouj, H. Gacem, Z. Belghith, R. Nouira and A. Bchir
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No. 3 - 4
141 Editorial.
  G. Moens and A. De Schryver
Keywords: Work, occupation and epidemiology 
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143 Stress and job precariousness: classification index of economic sectors.
I. Godin, P. Desmarez and F. Kittel
Keywords: Belgium, classification, employment, job insecurity, workstress
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153 Exposure measurement technique and it's effect on the association of physical load and back disorders.
JP. Jansen and A. Burdorf
Keywords: epidemiology, lifting, meta-regression, postural load, review
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173 The use of job exposure matrices for cancer epidemiology research and surveillance.
M. Goldberg and E. Imbernon
Keywords: occupational epidemiology, cancer, job exposure matrix
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187 Genotyping and phenotyping of metabolic enzymes relevant for the interpretation of biomarkers of exposure.
  V. Haufroid and D. Lison
Keywords: biological monitoring, drug metabolizing enzyme, genotype, phenotype
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203 Controlling the risk of nephrotoxicity in men occupationally exposed to inorganic mercury, lead, or cadmium through monitoring biomarkers of exposure.
HA. Roels
Keywords: health surveillance, industry, renal effects, cadmium, mercury, lead
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217 Overview of the neurotoxic effects in solvent-exposed workers.
M.K. Viaene
Keywords: neurotoxicity syndromes, organic solvents, chronic toxic encephalopathy
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233 Assessement of work ability in aging fire fighters by means of the Work Ability Index preliminary results.
  P. Kiss, M. Walgraeve and M. Vanhoorne
Keywords: ageing, fire fighters, occupational health, older workers, work ability index
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245 Job stress and cardiovascular risk factors - results from the Belstress study.
E. Pelfrene, G. De Backer, R. Mak, P. de Smet and M. Kornitzer
Keywords: cardiovascular risk factors, coronary heart disease, inflammation, job strain, workrelated stress
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269 Book review.
M. Haelterman and G. Van Hal
Keywords: Cancer incidence, care and survival in the South of the Netherlands, 1955-1999
     Medicine in Society. Behavioural Sciences for Medical Students. Edited by Christopher Dowrick. OUP 2001

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No. 5
275 Classification Tree Analysis of Cervix Cancer Screening in the Belgian Health Interview Survey 1997.
N. Hens, L. Bruckers,  M. Arbyn, M. Aerts, G. Molenberghs
Keywords: cervix cancer screening, classification trees, health survey, missing data, weights
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295 Place des visiteurs médicaux dans l'information pharmaceutique des Médecins généralistes de la région sanitaire de Sousse (Tunisie). The role of medical visitors in the pharmaceutical information of general practitioners in Sousse (Tunisia).
A. Ben Abdelaziz, S. Rahmani, I. Harrabi, R. Gaha, F. Lazreg, H. Ghannem
Keywords: drugs, information, pharmaceutical sales representatives, pharmaceutical promotion, general

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309 Modalités et perspectives d'accueil d'enfants touchés par un problème de sante chronique (et particulierement par l'infection  VIH) dans les institutions en Communauté française de Belgique.
Modalities of and prospects for fostering children suffering from a chronic health condition (HIV in particular) in the institutions of the French Community of Belgium.
P. Meremans, B. Brichard, F. Cornet, S. Dubois, B. Vandercam
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329 Translating Patients' Concerns to Prioritise Health Care Interventions.
M. Letaief, A. Bchir, A. Mtiraoui, K. Ben Salem, M.S. Soltani
Keywords: quality of care, patient satisfaction, hospital, Tunisia
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No. 6
341 Differences in health expectancy indicators in Belgium by region.
H. Van Oyen, N. Bossuyt, P. Deboosere, S. Gadeyne, J. Tafforeau
Keywords: health expectancy, healthy life expectancy, disability free life expectancy, mental health expectancy, equity,      Belgium, region
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363 Prevalence of intestinal parasites in three localities in Gaza Governorates Palestine.
AI. Agha Rodina, I. Teodorescu
Keywords: intestinal parasites, Ascaris lumbricoides, Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia intestinalis
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371 Home visits in general practice: an exploration by focus groups.
P. Van Royen, J. De Lepeleire, R. Maes
Keywords: Belgium, family practice, home visits
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385 Doctor-patient agreement in the appreciation of arterial hypertension severity.
H. Ghannem, A. Ben Abdelaziz, Z. Bouabid, I. Harrabi, R. Gaha
Keywords: patient compliance, hypertension, perception, health education, patient-doctor agreement
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397 Terrorism.
JP. Dercq
Keywords: terrorism, bioterrorism, biological warfare
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