Archives of Public Health - 2000 - vol. 58

  No. 1
1 Measuring acculturation among immigrants.
  P. Buekens, A. Manson, and T. Delvaux
Keywords: acculturation, Belgium, migrants
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7 Characteristics of final institutionalisation of adult patients: Results of the Belgian Sentinel General Practitioners.
  D. Devroey, V. Van Casteren, and J. De Lepeleire
Keywords: family practice, institutionalisation, sentinel surveillance   
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23 On dental health in Belgian population approaching the 21st century.
  J.P. Van Nieuwenhuysen, and J.C. Carvalho
Keywords: dental caries, epidemiology, child, adult, industrialised country, public health
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37 Relevance and feasibility of hepatitis B vaccine administration to prostitutes in Brussels, Belgium.
  C. Prévost, C. Cheront, F. Bertrand, and R. Tonglet
Keywords: hepatitis B prevention and control, hepatitis B vaccines, prostitution, Belgium
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  No. 2
51 Comorbidity of chronic gastro-intestinal disorders.
A cross-sectional analysis in a large general practice population in the Netherlands.
  H.O.M. Huitema, M. van den Akker, F. Buntinx, J.W. Muris, J.F.M. Metsemakers, and J.A. Knottnerus
Keywords: comorbidity, gastro-intestinal, chronic disease
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67 Incidence of cancer in the Belgian province of Limburg in 1996: first experiences of a new cancer incidence registry.
  D. Lousbergh, F. Buntinx, E. Cloes, D. Dhollander, E. Salk, L. Op De Beeck, J. Rummens, B. Van Brabandt,
     J. Vanden Brande, H. Vandeput, and A. Van Waes
Keywords: cancer, epidemiology, cancer registry, Belgium
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85 Descriptive analysis of the pharmaceutical prescription evolution in the Belgian ambulatory sector between 1986 and 1996.
  D. Philippar, R. Van Tielen, G. Sturbois, and F. Peys
Keywords: correspondence analysis, trajectories classification, evolution data, prescriptions
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  No. 3
111 Time-trends (1983-1998) in smoking habits among Belgian physicians.
  J. Prignot, P. Vermeire, P. Bartsch, J. Jamart, M. Uydebrouck, N. Wanlin, J. Thijs
Keywords: Belgium, epidemiology, physician, smoking, health behaviour, trends
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131 Evaluation of a pilot quality assurance programme for breast cancer screening in the Brussels area.
  F. Renard, C.D. Bourdon, M. Andry, V. Mendez, A-R. Grivegnée, A. Vandenbroucke
Keywords: quality assurance, mammography screening, double reading, early indicators, evaluation
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145 Views and reviews: Helicobacter pylori: actualités dans les domaines du diagnostic, de la clinique et du traitement.
  Y. Glupczynski
Keywords: H. pylori, gastroduodenal diseases, diagnosis, treatment, antimicrobial resistance
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  No. 4
157 A formula for health resources allocation, an application to health promotion in the French Community of Belgium.
  V. Lorant
Keywords: health promotion, health services accessibility, spatial correlation, health ressources

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177 Proceedings of the workshop on possible health implications of the dioxin crisis.
  Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde van België

  No. 5
199 Analytical survey of hydroquinone in skin lightening cosmetics available on the Belgian market.
  L. Goeyens, M.O. Masse, M. Borremans, J.M. Feroumont, M. Viaene
Keywords: Hydroquinone, analytical survey, skin lightening cosmetics
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213 Comorbidity of chronic cardiovascular disorders.  A cross-sectional analysis in a large general practice population in the Netherlands.
  J.S.T.M. Landwehr, M. van den Akker, J.F.M. Metsemakers, F. Buntinx
Keywords: commorbidity, cardiovascular disorders, general practice, chronic disorders
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233 Cholecystectomy and appendectomy utilisation rates in Belgium: trends 1986-1996 and impact of laparoscopic surgery.
  M.L. Lambert, MD, MPH.
Keywords: appendectomy, cholecystectomy, laparoscopic surgery, epidemiology,

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241 Recent trends in tuberculosis incidence in Belgium.
  M. Walin, M. Uydebrouck, P. Vermeire, P. Bartsch, W. Schandevyl and P. Dierckx
Keywords: tuberculosis, incidence, MDR, Belgium
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  No. 6
263 Cancer registration in Belgium: experience from a melanoma registration program in the province of
  L. Brochez, E. Verhaeghe, L. Bleyen, G. De Backer, D. De Bacquer, M. Haelterman and JM. Naeyaert
Keywords: Belgium, cancer registration, melanoma incidence, melanoma registration
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281 Evaluation of the encryption procedure and record linkage in the Belgian national cancer registry.
  E. Van Eycken, K. Haustermans, F. Buntinx, A. Ceuppens, J. Weyler, E. Wauters, H. Van Oyen,
     M. De Schaever, D. Van den Berge and M. Haelterman
Keywords: cancer registration, encryption, record linkage
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295 Registration of cancer in Flanders as a means of determining environmental health effects.
  J. Van Herbruggen, A. Michielsen, K. Wouters, J. Droste, M. van Sprundel and J. Weyler
Keywords: cancer registration, environmental health, cluster analysis
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307 Linking a breast cancer screening data base with a cancer registry in Antwerp, Belgium.
  G. Van Hal, A. Thibaut, M. Matthyssen and J. Weyler
Keywords: Belgium, feasibility studies, mammary neoplasms, mass screening,
     medical record linkage, program evaluation, registries

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