Archives of Public Health - 1999 - vol. 57

  No. 1-2
1 Atlas of "avoidable mortality" in Belgium 1985-1989.

A. Levêque, P.C. Humblet, and R. Lagasse
Keywords: avoidable mortality, geographical epidemiology, Belgium, health indicator, health services research, SMR
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  No. 3
89 Adjusting for confouding when estimating a time trend in HIV prevalence based on pooled serum samples.
  S. Vansteelandt, E. Goetghebeur, and T. Verstraeten
Keywords: epidemiologic research design, HIV seroprevalence, sentinel surveillance, seroepidemiological
     methods, standardization, statistical models 
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107 Missing data in the Health Interview Survey 1997 in Belgium.
  T. Burzykowski, G. Molenberghs, J. Tafforeau, H. Van Oyen, S. Demarest, and L. Bellamammer
Keywords: beta-binomial model, missing data, multiple imputation, health survey
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131 Paternity testing: a review of theoretical and practical issues.
  G. Mertens, A. Vandenberghe, and L. Muylle
Keywords: paternity, DNA fingerprinting, forensic anthropolgy
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141 Contribution of the private sector in antenatal health care in tunisian urban area.
  MS. Soltani, J. Bchir, M. Bouchahda, M. Letaief, N. Riahi, and A. Bchir
Keywords: prenatal care, private sector, Tunisia
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149 Health policies: Registration in the framework of organised cancer screening ... legal at last !
  M. Arbyn, S. Wallyn, F. Huet, and A. Vandenbroucke
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  No. 4
155 The role of self-help groups in providing care for breast cancer patients.
  E. Bruyninckx, D. Mortelmans, and E. Van Hove
Keywords: self-help groups, network analysis, health care
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171 Attempted suicide in Gent: results from the Who/Euro multicentre study on parasuicide in 1996.
  C. van Heeringen, Th. Meerschaert, and A. Berckmoes
Keywords: attempted suicide, epidemiology, risk factors
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185 Association between physical activity level and obesity prevalence: recent cross-sectional and longitudinal data.  A review.
  M. Hulens, G. Vansant, R. Lysens, and A.L. Claessens
Keywords: obesity, physical activity, epidemiology, follow up
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197 Assessment of the behaviour of physicians from emergency services in the French-speaking community of Belgium concerning sudden infant death syndrome.
  Y. Coppieters, A. Leveque, A. Kahn, and D. Piette
Keywords: autopsy, Belgium, emergency service, sudden infant death
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  No. 5
221 Nosocomial infections in intensive care: results from the Belgian national surveillance, 1996-1998.
  C. Suetens, B. Jans, and H. Carsauw
Keywords: nosocomial infections, bacteremia, surveillance, intensive care
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233 Surveillance van postoperatieve wondinfecties na ontslag uit het ziekenhuis: resultaten uit het Nederlandse netwerk.
  ELPE Geubbels, R. de Haas, AJ. Mintjes-de Groot, JMJ. van den Berg, and AS. de Boer
Keywords: postdischarge surveillance, surgical wound infection, multi-centre
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243 Surveillance of antibiotic resistance: which strategies for which objectives ?
  M. Struelens
Keywords: antibiotic resistance, surveillance systems, antibiotic policy, infection control, multicenter studies,
     harmonisation of laboratory methods, epidemiological typing

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251 Viral infections of the central nervous system: epidemiological and clinical aspects.
  P. Cras
Keywords: herpes simplex, encephalitis, epilepsy, acyclovir
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263 Role of the virology laboratory in the diagnosis of central nervous system infections.
  C. Liesnard
Keywords: asepctic meningitis, meningoencephalitis, enterovirus, PCR
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275 Chlamydia pneumoniae: review and possible link with arteriosclerosis ?
  M. Ieven
Keywords: chlamydia pneumoniae, diagnosis, epidemiology, link with atherosclerosis
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287 Contribution of the search for anti-Bartonella henselae antibodies in the diagnosis of the cat scratch disease in Belgium.
  G. Bigaignon, C. Gusbin, A. Van Lint, M. Delmée, L. Boon-Falleur, T. M'Bilo, A. Aeby, P. Lepage, C. Potvliege,
     ML. Delforge, C. Rossi, and B Sztern
Keywords: cat scratch disease, Bartonella henselae, sero-epidemiology
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301 Cyclospora cayetanesis: diagnosis and situation in Belgium.
  T. Crucitti, M. Lontie, T. Vervoort, and JC. Libeer
Keywords: cyclospora cayetanensis, coccidia, EQA, stool examination
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311 Notification of communicable diseases.
  F. Van Loock
Keywords: surveillance, notifications, mandatory-reporting, legislation
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325 Health survey Mechelen 1996.
K. Van Bulck, J. Mertens, A. Alwan, and H. De Vriendt
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343 Disease profile of 5000 patients observed at a respiratory department of a general hospital in Flanders (Belgium).
L. Siemons, B. Standaerd, P. Wahlen, and Ph. Van Wilder
Keywords: asthma, bronchoscopy, COPD, hospitalisation, lung cancer, smoking 
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357 Risk factors for open angle glaucoma, a hospital based study in Kinshasa.
D. Kaimbo Wa Kaimbo, F. Buntinx, and L. Missotten
Keywords: open-angle glaucoma, ethnic group, prevalence 
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371 Morbidité hospitalière chez les enfants d'âge préscolaire dans le gouvernorat de Monastir.
M.S. Soltani, Y. Bouzaine, M. Letaief, K. Ben Salem, W. Gafsi, N. Gueddiche, and A. Bchir
Keywords: morbidity, infant less than 6 years, Tunisia
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383 The development of an integrated computerized data-processing service for child health programmes in Tunisia.
J.P. Papart, E. Brenner, M. Garbouj, R. Jebeniani, E. Moshni, M. Sidhom, and K. Ben Abdallah
Keywords: child health, informatics, health information, Tunisia
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