Archives of Public Health - 1998 - vol. 56

  No. 1-2
1 Exploring the relationship between job stress and psyschosomatic complaints; the role of negative affectivity.
  R. Verhoogen, O. Van den Bergh, G. Moens, and R. De Wit
Keywords: job content questionnaire, job stress, cross-sectional study occupation
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15 Dichlorvos: carcinogenic for man ?  Position paper.
  Hoge Gezondheidsraad, and Conseil Supérieur d'Hygiène 
Keywords: dichlorvos, carcinogen, environmental, man, review
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21 The distribution of income, health and health care: a review of some recent literature.
  E. van Doorslaer
Keywords: income inequality, population health, mortality, health inequalities
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39 Plasmid typing and antibiotic susceptibility of Salmonella Enteritidis isolates.
  M. Yde
Keywords: antibiotic resistance, plasmids, Salmonella Enteritidis, transconjugation
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  No. 3-4
63 Mental health care for students in higher education.
  A. Clara
Keywords: adolescence, mental health, student
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81 Body mass index, industrial accidents and sick leave: further evidence of an association.
  G. Mylle, G. Moens, H. De Raeve, B. Viaene, and D. Lahaye
Keywords: body mass index, obesity, industrial accidents, sick leave, working population, Belgium,
     cross-sectional study

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93 Brain damage in alcoholics without neuropsychological impairment.
  S. Mützell
Keywords: computed tomography, neuropsychological impaiment, liver toxic drugs, population study
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109 Malnourished children morbidity following vitamin A supplementation or deworming in Democratic Republic of Congo.
  Ph. Donnen, M. Dramaix, D. Brasseur, Z. Mweze, M. Mbasha and Ph. Hennart
Keywords: democratic republic of Congo, malnutrition, morbidity, pre-school children, vitamin A,
     deficiency, vitamin A supplementation, deworming

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  No. 5-8
137 The epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases in Belgium.
  D. Avonts
Keywords: epidemiology, STD
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151 Surveillance of infectious diseases in Flanders by compulsory notification.
  K. De Schrijver
Keywords: control of communicable diseases, outbreak management, surveillance of infectious diseases
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169 Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies of Prion protein diseases and public health.
  D. De Bleser, and J. Plum
Keywords: BSE, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Prion, NvCJD, scrapie
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187 Evolution of the HIV epidemic in Belgium.
  A. Sasse, J. Van der Heyden, and A. Stroobant
Keywords: epidemiology, HIV, monitoring, trends
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199 Tuberculosis incidence and surveillance in Belgium.
  M. Fortuin, M. Uydebrouck, M. Wanlin, P. Vermeire, W. Schandevyl, and A. Gyselen
Keywords: tuberculosis, epidemiology, surveillance, Belgium
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209 Hepatitis B: a public health problem.
  P. Van Damme, M. Van der Wielen, M. Beutels, K. Van Herck, A. Vercauteren, and A. Meheus
Keywords: Belgium, epidemiology, hepatitis B, prevention, public health
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233 Cytomegalovirus infection: epidemiology and association with conginental malformations.
  A. De Schryver, G. De Backer, and L. Van Renterghem
Keywords: conginental malformations, cytomegalovirus, epidemiology, public health
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  No 9-10
253 The prenatal care in the public sector: modalities and coverage in an urban district (Tunisia).
  A. Bchir, F. Kayeche, K.B. Salem, A. Braham, Z. Belghith, and M. Soltani
Keywords: prenatal care, quality, public health sector, Tunisia
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263 Prenatal care use, perinatal and infant mortality in Portugal.  An area-level analysis
  H. Barros, and M. Tavares
Keywords: districts, ecological study, infant mortality, prenatal care, perinatal mortality, Portugal
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275 Workers participation in a nutrition education programme.
  L. Braeckman, L Maes, M. Bellemans, M.R. Vanderhaegen, A.M. De Maeyer, D. De Bacquer, and G. De Backer
Keywords: health promotion, nutrition, participation, process evaluation, worksite
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291 Activities of daily living scales and the needs for care and help among elderly before and after geriatric hospitalization.
  T. Pepersack, I. Beyer, and the Study Group on Dependence in the French Community of Belgium
Keywords: autonomy, the elderly, ADL
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  No. 11-12
307 A 20-year longitudinal prospective study of 284 heroin addicts in Stockholm County, Sweden
  S. Mützell
Keywords: longitudinal prospective study, heroin addicts, social adjustment problems 
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317 A call recall system for cervical cancer screening: report on the pilot project in the district of Kontich (Flanders/Belgium): 1991-1995
  G. Van Hal, T. Putzeys, J. Pszeniczko, D. Van de Weyer, and J. Weyler
Keywords: Belgium, cervical smears, cervix neoplasms, mass screening, pilot projects, programme evaluation
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333 The reliability of the clinical assessment of psychiatric emergency referrals.
  D.J. Spooren, K. van Heeringen, and C. Jannes
Keywords: emergency psychiatry, assessment, reliability, interviewer-observer, test-retest
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345 Investigation of the clustering effect in the Belgian Health Interview Survey 1997
  D. Renard, G. Molenberghs, H. Van Oyen, and J. Tafforeau
Keywords: health interview survey, clustering, multilevel models, weighting
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