APH 2006, 64, 27-48:

Proposal on guidelines for the collection and analysis of routine occupational health data.

G. Moens, G. Mylle, K. Johannik, H. De Raeve, Y. Stragier, B. Viaene, D. Lahaye, P. Jacques

Keywords: routine registration, occupational health data, quality, guidelines, epidemiology

A research project financed by the Federal Services for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (SSTC-project ST/93/003) proved that it is meaningful to routinely register data about health and exposure, that is if a number of guidelines are followed for the optimal and qualitative registration and analysis of these data pertaining to health in the workplace.

An important aim of the subsequent project (SSTC-project PS/93/06) is to put these guidelines together and to distribute them.

These guidelines relate, among others, to the following aspects:
– defining the goals of the registration,
– standardising (a.o. internationally),
– assuring quality and quality-control,
– epidemiological methodology and applicability,
– privacy.