APH 2004, 62, 197-208:

The evolution of the organization of homecare in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels.

J. De Lepeleire J, F. Falez F, M.Yieff, O. Fontaine, L. Paquay, F. Buntinx

Keywords: Home care services

Home care is defined as a health care provision aimed to keep patients at home, which is the place where the patient really lives. Key disciplines involved are informal care, general practice, nursing care, home help and social work in conjunction with Networks, service organizations and institutional care. In Flanders the coordination of home care is performed by ‘Samenwerkingsinitiatieven in de Thuiszorg’ while in Wallonia it is done by ‘Centres de Coordination de Soins et Services a Domicile (CSSD)’. Identified problems are the coordination of care, multidisciplinarity and the very complex Belgian legislation. The future will show if the new services will solve the identified problems.

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