APH 2004, 62, 173-184:

Options for a new procedure for determining care needs in Belgium: an initial exploration.

F. Buntinx, L. Paquay, O. Fontaine, M. Ylieff , J. De Lepeleire

Keywords: primary health care, dementia, health care costs

Broad consensus exists among Flemish care providers and policymakers that the KATZ scale variables, which are widely used in Belgium, are not the ideal way of compiling a list of care needs or of preparing for care planning. However, deciding on a new and better procedure is not easy. One of the key tasks of the Qualidem project was to choose and support this procedure.

In recent years, a limited multidisciplinary reflection group has attempted to formulate the concepts underlying this choice and to compile a list of the most important options. This took place through monthly discussions based on a draft text. The knowledge and experiences of the first Qualidem project were drawn from extensively for both the draft text and for the adjustments, as well as the experiences of other groups described in the literature (1;2). In addition to the authors, the reflection group consisted of F. Falez, L. Delesie, J.P. Bronckaers, J. Pacolet and C. Swine. The text below is a description of the decisions and proposals made by this reflection group.

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