APH 2002, 60, 329-339:

Translating Patients' Concerns to Prioritise Health Care Interventions.

M. Letaief, A. Bchir, A. Mtiraoui, K. Ben Salem, M.S. Soltani

Keywords: quality of care, patient satisfaction, hospital, Tunisia

Quality improvement in health care has been considered an important tool to ensure efficacy of health care interventions. The first step in continuous quality improvement is to define the starting point and the priorities that enable health care teams to choose the most effective options.

The scientific instrument used in our study was a questionnaire which detailed different areas of the patients stay/pass-through, i.e. their progress through the various procedures during hospitalisation which included: relational aspects, information about their illness, biological examinations, room comfort, (mode of) medical follow-up, patient/doctor relationship and organisation of discharge.