APH 2002, 60, 275-294:

Classification Tree Analysis of Cervix Cancer Screening in the Belgian Health Interview Survey 1997.

N. Hens, L. Bruckers,  M. Arbyn, M. Aerts, G. Molenberghs

Keywords: cervix cancer screening, classification trees, health survey, missing data, weights

Objectives: To outline an evidence-based health policy, one is often interested in the profiles of persons who are at risk to obtain certain diseases or who do not respond to prevention programs as e.g. cervix cancer screening via smears.

Methods: Statistical modelling can provide a tool to discover such profiles. In this paper the method of classification trees is described. The use of classification trees has advantages but also limitations with respect to their application in the survey domain. A closer look on the handling of missing data and weighting in this context will be given.

Material: The Belgian Health Interview Survey (HIS) was conducted in 1997. The Belgian communities are responsible for cervix cancer screening as a part of the preventional health care.