APH 2002, 60, 187-202:

Genotyping and phenotyping of metabolic enzymes relevant for the interpretation of biomarkers of exposure.

V. Haufroid and D. Lison

Keywords: biological monitoring, drug metabolizing enzyme, genotype, phenotype

In recent years a lot at progress has been made in the field of the identification and the functional significance of genetic polymorphisms for several drug metabolizing enzymes (DME).  Powerful technologies are becoming available for the phenotyping of these enzymes.  This review attempts to highlight the interest of genotyping and/or phenotyping of DMEs for a more accurate interpretation of biological monitoring in the field of industrial and/or environmental toxicology.  It summarizes human field studies already performed in populations exposed to two model compounds, i.e. polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) or styrene.