APH 2001, 59, 43-61:

Paper pencil versus pc administered querying of a study on health behaviour in school-aged children.

C. Vereecken

Keywords: computer-applications, health behaviour, survey, school pupils

Purpose: To investigate the reliability, the concordance, the feasibility and the appreciation of the computer format (pc format) of the Flemish version of the "Health Behaviour in School-aged Children-questionnaire" (HBSC-questionnaire) versus the original paper pencil format (pp-format).

Procedure: Five hundred sixty first grade pupils of four secondary schools in Ghent completed the B-HBSC-questionnaire twice, with a test-retest interval of 6-10 days under one of the following conditions:

- twice the pc format (N = 177),
- twice the paper pencil format (N = 224),
- or both formats in counterbalanced order (N = 159).

Results: Test-retest reliabilities of both formats were at best moderate but comparable.  For the majority of items mode of administration had no significant effect on adolescents' responses, but the pc format schowed fewer item incompletions.  Most of the pupils who completed both formats preferred the pc format.

Conclusion: The computer assisted version of the hbsc-questionaire can be used as a valid alternative for the original paper and pencil version.