APH 2001, 59, 1-28:

L'assurance de qualité et le médecin de famille.

M. Roland, M. Prevost, and M. Jamoulle

Keywords: quality assurance, general practice, family medicine, evaluation, health systems quality

Quality assurance for general practice/family medicine is a planified action or a program which includes results assessement and whose goals are to maintain or to achieve standards or pre-definite references for patients care.  This WONCA (World Organization of General Practice/Family Medicine) definition is explicited point after point and step by step, successively  describing quality actors (patients, care providers, funders and decidors), quality levels (national, local, practice, individual) and quality dimensions (structures, processes and outcomes).  Some words are defined: guideline, indicator, criteria, standard and audit.  Care and health systems quality criteria are reviewed one after one.  At the end a lot of quality development tools specifically built for family medicine are presented.